Personalized Training, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Counseling

Today's the day you're going to resolve to 
lose the weight

You want to be healthier and prevent disease by maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

You want to get stronger and more flexible, without fearing for your joints giving out in a few years from that bootcamp you tried.

You've had chronic pain that's lingered for years and no therapy has reduced your symptoms.

Your struggling with a malady that you want to confront with the natural remedies of exercise and better nutrition.

You've been running for years and are looking to enhance your performance.

Whatever your need, whatever issue there is to address, it is my goal to help you get as far as you can. If you have had lingering health needs , this is the place for you.

Don't let worries hold you back. Despite your age, weight, and condition, my training is specialized for your individual needs and your body. I have worked with clients from all types of backgrounds.

Clients I have worked with:

Weight Loss:
A few pounds to Obese (get rid of the weight without injuring yourself!)

Chronic Pain:
(Post rehab) Back, Shoulders, Rotator Cuff Tears, Knees, Ankles, Feet, Arthritis, Club Foot, Fibromylagia

As we get older fighting bone and muscle atrophy is very important. The focus is on getting to your goals safely without triggering arthritis or injury.

Cancer: Weightloss for Implant, Fighting Fatigue/Stamina and side effects of Therapy

Trained for Triatholons, Runners, Golfers, and Basketball Players, Dancers, and Rockclimbers

Pregnancy: Have worked with pre and post natal women. It is important for several reasons: positioning, increased elasticity of ligaments, pelvic floor, abdominals, knees/hip strength, and balance


One of my biggest arguments with the world is the way information gets shared. Mostly, it seems that information is always associated with money or selling a product. I want to give you information, untainted by greed, and lead you to products that are either of the highest quality or items you can get at the most reasonable cost.

 To help pay for the website, I may put up donation stations and links to products that I think are quality. By following these links, it will help me keep the website alive. However, I will not advise a product unless I would buy it myself.

 I want you to know when you need that surgery and when it's really not necessary.  I want you to have access to therapies that you might not otherwise be exposed to. I want you to know when claims are B.S., and I want you to know all of the surrounding information when they are true. I want to give you as much as I can so that you do not live life in regret for that choice you made,  because you didn't know you had choices.

I'm not perfect. I'll make mistakes. I try my hardest to understand a concept fully before putting it out there. However, information may arise that can completely destroy our understanding of systems, mechanics, etc. So it is my stance to always tell you when I've been wrong and try to correct my mistake as well as thoroughly research my subject before publishing the information.


 This is a site for my clients, to share my  knowledge and research and to update my services. I have many interests in different areas of health and well-being, so stay updated with what's occupying my mind and hopefully it can benefit your health and life. Please make an appointment for an individualized assessment and nutrition consultation. Let's start your workout program today!


  Going through health ordeal after health ordeal, as I have, I've realized that success all comes down figuring out the solutions yourself for getting better. Everyone should have the power to assert themselves into a healthy state of mind and body, but hardly anyone knows how, so I want that to change.

I have gotten myself out of chronic pain (after six years of excruciating pain and no solution offered to me) as well as many other health problems created by having a gluten intolerance. I have eighteen years of dance experience and six years of training/alignment/flexibility/health work and education. I have worked with all types of clients: cancer, prenatal, osteporosis, elbow tendonitis, back fusions, fibromylagia, runners, dancers, and triathlon training.

   I'm giving you a cheat sheet to quickly find the answers. Don't circle around the problem to never find the solution.  Plow through it.  Find the answers. This should be a home base that shares our common goal, our health.

   The only way to get better is to make the resolution yourself. You have to choose the path and do the work, and hopefully you'll find something here to help you on your way.


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