Snake Picnic

cheilita,  por supuesto


HERE'S the rundown:

this song is NOT DONE YET. (are any of them?)

but i really like it so far

do you want to know about the 8 layers? 

Layer 1: i wanted to try something different than my  

other songs. so i tapped out the rhythm to "My   

Boyfriend's Back"  on my desk with my hands and rings

while listening with head phones.

Layer 2: claps (high)

Layer 3: claps (low)

Layer 4:  i shook a loop of ring sizers

Layer 5: a guitar bass line

Layer 6: Vocal

Layer 7: vocal

Layer 8: vocal 

 By the way, the first line "making a picnic in my eyes"

 is something Tulia says to me with her eyes closed in the

 car sometimes.

notes of what the heck i'd like to do but might not do 

for some time (or ever):

change the volume. or redo the guitar for volume. redo  

vocals so they're more confident, add a better ending.  

Listen to