The Warrior's Dream

Personal Notes about work, the why's and the hows from within! 

Why do I work on "something"  when none in the world is ever working on it and they dont find it important and they do not understand it? ... (Even I do not understand it, "Even I" does not come from a superiority feeling, but comes from a gratification of having worked on it even for a short period of time).

A part of conventionality seems to consider that this is part of an act that pertains to the image of an intellectual persona. They seem to think (and hereby they do voice their opinions aloud) that my doings are consequential of me wanting to attain that intellectual image. Or perhaps its me having a satisfaction that I am indeed doing something great. Their thoughts do not have malicious intentions ...(in my sense of the world/word "malicious intentions" even measure upto the harmless "gossip" which is the soul of conventionality)...

...And  the conventionality responds..." You  are not that  important  to be talked  about" ... I may not  be but "somethings" are. 

 Its again a case of a "losing battle" ... You may not win ... You may loose... But you still want to keep going at it ... Because at the end of the day, whatever maybe the result , its the effort that counts ...

 "You believe a man can change his Destiny?"

  "Like a man can do what he can, until his destiny is revealed to him"

The limits of what a man can do are within himself, inside him.  The level of difficulty is always at your mental disposal. There exist things which you know/think that you are not upto... But that does not mean "not having a go at it". Its always worth the risk involved .  I have been always in awe of people who have had the guts to go further than what they are. Especially when they go further than what they are . Given however unattractive the prospects maybe,  Given a 100% chance of a "crash and burn"!  And  I really do admire people who tie themselves to the wheel,  jam the wheel and strike the accelerator  in the Chicken Game ... !!! All for a purpose!

That's my Warrior's Dream! ... A bulldog approach to an unsolvable problem! ... In someways I do not agree with the Bushido code ... Hara Kiri is not part of my dream! ... If there is a kiri let it be by the enemy's sword ...However I am selfish!!! ... There are somethings which I deem to be meaningless!!! ...  These would differ from person to person and my company agrees with those that do not indulge in them! ... All around I have seen that it is those who have these  that ultimately belong to the conventionality that I hate... 

 "Wow! I jumped down 3 steps at a time while coming down the stairs..."

"Man!! ... We partied so much so that the neighbours were about to call the police ..."

"I peed from the balcony right into the street ..."

 Whiners of rank one, who would match upto the Sirens of the Odyssey!! If it were upto me I would put all these people into Hell's Blender and pour the foul liquid down the deepest abyss of Styx!

That is quite enough of a hate message ... Nuff Zed! ... Well, on second thoughts such a hate message is indeed warranted. The Warrior's Dream is always enhanced by "what is not to be". One should always recognize the enemy and keep them the closest (courtesy the Godfather)! ... The best of all people I have seen dealing with all this is Holden Caulfield ...the Catcher in the Rye...!

Now coming back to the Warrior's Dream ... those that fall within that part of the definition are ...

Karna, Ekalavya, Abhimanyu, Duryodhan, Hector of Troy, Achilles of the Myrmidons, Sherlock Holmes, Che Guevara, Holden Caulfield, Linus Pauling, the Biker, John Nash, Neo of the Matrix, Aung San Suu Kyi, Martin Luther King, Erwin Rommel, Batman, William Wallace, The Knights of the Templar executed by the French King, Sydney Carton the drunk in the Tale of Two Cities, D' Artagnan of the Three Musketeers, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Malcolm X, Mohammed Ali, Beowulf, Sir Robin of Locksley, Hawkeye the Deerslayer, Jefferson Hope of the Study in Scarlet, Joan of Arc, Galilieo Galili, Saladin, Irene Adler, Salvatore Guiliano, Joseph the Defender of Louis Pasteur's grave, Honor Harris of The King's General, Margot Fonteyn, Michael Corleone of the Godfather, Hiawatha the Son of the North Wind, Sachin ramesh tendulkar of the Sand Storm Match!! ...(the list is to be updated as and when I remember each one of them)...