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 Name:     Balanarayan


 Am doing my Ph. D. in Theoretical Chemistry from Department of Chemistry, University of Pune, Pune.

On a personal front, I belong to Kottayam, a beautiful town in Kerala.

2003 January -2006 January PhD at the Department of Chemistry, University of Pune with Professor Shirdhar R. Gadre.(i have not yet completed  it but am on my way...)

Expertise: Electronic Structure Theory: Quantum Chemistry, ab initio methods, Density Functional Theory(DFT), Molecular properties and 3D scalar fields(molecular electrostatic potential, electron densities in position and momentum spaces). Familiar with the standard electronic structure packages, GAUSSIAN, GAMESS. Expertise in the analysis/computation of topological properties of 3D functions.

 The pictures of 3D functions on this website have been created using the visualization and 3-D function analysis package UNIVIS-2000 developed at the Theoretical Chemistry Group at the Department of Chemistry, University of Pune.

 List of Publications      

Topography of 3D Scalar Fields

Electron density in coordinate space    

Electron Momentum Densities 

Molecular Electrostatic Potential


"I love deadlines,I love the whooshing sound  that they make when they go past by" 

Douglas Adams


"Oh Traveller! There are no paths ... Paths are made by walking..."

 "Rover, Wanderer, Nomad, Vagabond...

Call me what  you  will, Whereever  I May Roam, where i lay my Head is Home..."