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  • Guest Editor, IEEE Internet of Things Journal
  • CVIP 2019, September 27-29, 2019 at MNIT Jaipur, INDIA (IAPR endorsed on 25/1/2019)
  • Guest Editor, Future Generation Computer Systems (Call for Papers)
  • My PhD student Himanshu Bachchas has got 6 months research internship in Video Analytics lab at IISc Bangalore under Dr. Venkatesh Babu (from 7/1/2019)

Dr. Balasubramanian Raman, BOYSCAST Fellow

My Erdӧs Number is 4; My Google Scholar h-index is 27 My PGP Public Key;

Head, Institute Computer Centre
Professor Incharge, Communication
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Roorkee 247667, INDIA, The Earth, The Universe
e-mail: balarfma[AT]iitr[DOT]ac[DOT]in, balaiitr[AT]ieee[DOT]org

(May 18th 2009 to August 17th 2009)
Visiting Professor
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario, 
ON, N9B 3P4 CANADA, The Earth, The Universe
Phone: +1 519 253 3000 ext. 4793

e-mail: balarfma[AT]uwindsor[DOT]ca                                                                                                


Head Office, Institute Computer Centre
S-227, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Roorkee, 247 667, INDIA, The Earth, The Universe

Phone +91-1332- 285852 (O)

            +91- 1332-285853 (R)
Mobile +91-9068680077


My research focus is in the areas of Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing.  Some research papers are available in my Publications Page
My current areas of research include: 
Computer Vision- Optical Flow and Video Analytics, Fractional Transform Theory, Wavelet Analysis, Multimedia Security: Encrypted Domain Processing of Big Multimedia Data over Cloud, Biometrics, Content Based Video Retrieval, Video Skimming and Summarization, Medical Imaging, Long-Range Imaging, Hyperspectral Imaging, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Multilingual Text Recognition, EEG based Pattern Analysis, Visualization, Volume Graphics.

Recent papers are also posted there in my Publications Page.

Citations: Google Scholar* ScopusMathSciNet * DBLP1*DBLP2*CSB (some papers)*Keith Price bib list (Some Papers)*Keith Price bib list 2 (Some Papers)*Zentralblatt

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