marnipi au na bodari bah..

Alai tama do rendezvouspaboan nipi dison?
I have a dream. it was back to the time in early mourning and sojourner whenthat feeling renew and renew.
thas is my spouse
it was my heart, anna

but not kournikova
it is the feeling of romantics, some great deep fading on the journey time
have you feel it?
in first time after all, i think it rendez-vous
just first you down earth longing it
The feeling of great longing, congruence and meek to enter coming
when the last time you feel it!? When you feeling loosing of that, my part of body
walking down in land of happines and joyful
just talk smootly keep enough all notions
when the eyes looking great signal to come oh come to me
like new brideness, heart of searching and keep searching
to enter new life.. whole new life..
falling in love again, again and again
that`s is my heart 7th great Lord given love in wedding, torturing, great, upsetting, brave heart, high on wall of pride
home anna suang cu

(what pic i can draw it, what words calamity to better describe..
that`s why song (of love) of Solomon found in the bible)