Meet Your Personal Baker
Emily is a passionate home cook & professional historian.  She has been baking for fifteen years and eating sweets for twice as long, which basically qualifies her for a PhD in desserts. Her baked goods- from cookies, to layer cakes, to pastries, to truffles- are the talk of every party she attends. 

Emily grew up sneaking spoonfuls of her mom's chocolate chip cookie dough.  Now she makes her own cookie dough, and sometimes eats it for dinner. She loves to challenge herself in the kitchen and regularly experiments with new techniques, tools, & flavors.  

She founded Baking with Chef Emily in 2018 to share her knowledge & skills with other pastry enthusiasts, and to empower them to make baking a part of their lives.  Emily believes everyone deserves a sweet escape and is happy to accommodate special diets, including vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, & low sugar.

When she isn't baking, Emily enjoys yoga, swimming, spending time with friends, & writing about the US space program.