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How To Clean Grout Stains

how to clean grout stains
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This is the scary part, but it's all worth it in the end! I mix the grout to a thick, frosting-like consistency (you know how I love cake--and working under the painting was my inspiration!), let it slake, and tape off the wall so I don't turn it black. I should have used a plastic tarp on the floor, but the grout sweeps right up, and any wet black smears wipe right up with a sponge. I apply the grout with my gloved hands. It's the best way. Forget the squeegie. Then I wipe off the excess with a paper towel before beginning the cleaning. I can only wipe once on each side of a completely wrung-out sponge, and then it's back into the kitchen to rinse and wring it out again. Otherwise, you smear around wet grout endlessly. After about two hundred spongings (an hour and a half worth of grouting and cleanup), the top will be clean.
Mosaic Pique-assiette Stool Top
Mosaic Pique-assiette Stool Top
Art I made from several china plates with a grape motif and pink china tiles on a wooden stool all of which was found at thrift shops. One of my first attempts at making a pique-assiette mosaic. Black grout goes with the black stool. I like the triangle pieces of china that I cut. Great for a plant stand! Some stain on the pink tiles from the grout, any ideas on how to clean this off? Maybe a cleanser like Comet? Or a fine sandpaper or steel wool?

how to clean grout stains
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