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Long Line Fishing Equipment

long line fishing equipment
    line fishing
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long line fishing equipment - Okuma Fishing
Okuma Fishing TU-150 Tundra 15-Foot 3-Piece Surf/Pier Spinning Rod (Large, White/Blue)
Okuma Fishing TU-150 Tundra 15-Foot 3-Piece Surf/Pier Spinning Rod (Large, White/Blue)
Okuma-Feet s Tundra TU-150 medium action is a great surf/pier fishing rod. With its highly durable construction and comfortable fore and rear grips this 15 foot rod is ready for any big game fishery there is. Features include durable glass fiber rod blank construction, 3 pcs, reinforced double footed guides, Long lasting ceramic guide inserts, stainless steel hooded reel seats, comfortable EVA foam fore and rear grips, fold down stripper guide, split butt grip configuration and durable rubber butt cap

Built to take a beating day-after-day, the 15-foot, three-piece Tundra Surf/Pier Spinning Rod features durable glass fiber blank construction to handle heavy action. The rod comes equipped with reinforced double footed guides with ceramic inserts, EVA grips, and a rubber butt cap. The rod packs down small thanks to three-piece construction for convenient storage and transport, and carries a one-year warranty from Okuma.

The Tundra Surf Rod features a sturdy glass fiber blank.
Key Features:
Durable glass fiber rod blank construction
Three-piece blank construction
Reinforced double footed guides
Ceramic guide inserts
Fold down stripper guide
Stainless steel hooded reel seats
EVA foam fore and rear grips
Split butt grip configuration
Rubber butt cap
One year warranty
Guides: Aluminum Oxide
Length: 15 feet
Action: Medium Heavy
Rod Taper: Medium/Medium Fine
Line Weight: 10 to 30 pounds
Lure Weight: 2 to 8
Sections: 3 pieces
Foregrip Length: 5.4 inches
Reargrip Length: 22.25 inches
Number of Guides: 5 + Tip
Handle Style: A
Weight: 41.5 ounces

81% (10)
1st ever 20+ Won National Big Fish Award 1st annual CAGI Netted by Phone From the 1st time I heard of the CAGI, I was ecstatic, what a great idea for an event! I talked to my two sons, Jeff and Kevin as well as my fishin’ buddy, Monty, and thought we might have a group of 3-4 of us making the trip. A couple of weeks before the event, it seemed our trip was doomed. I had a lot of trouble with my “Carpmobile”, everything from overheating, to bad tires, to having the rear end re-built. I was about to give up and start sweet-talking my wife into using her van for the trip but the mechanics came through. As the date of the event got closer, the group started dwindling. Kevin had to work; Jeff bought a house and planned to move that weekend. Down to just 2 of us now, then it turned out Monty couldn’t make it either. My group had dwindled to 1. I was not looking forward to the 6 hour drive from Decatur IL to Springfield MO flying solo, but nothing was going to keep me away from this event. The weekend before, and every evening up to the Friday before the event, was spent preparing my rigs, PVA bags, chum and other tackle. All the while I was dreaming of finally catching a 20+ lb fish. Friday morning has finally arrived and it’s time to hit the road, I’m on my way! Stopped a few miles from home to top off the gas tank and noticed some anti-freeze leaking. I thought my overheating problem had re-surfaced, but it turned out that when I checked the radiator the night before, I had left the cap off. Got some water and anti-freeze filled up the radiator and I was on my way. About 3 hours into my adventure, after a couple of wrong turns in St. Louis, I was reminded that I am a “flatlander” Going up and down all the hills (being from Central IL they seemed like mountains to me) Between St. Louis and Springfield MO my ears were popping in and out as if I were in an airplane. Finally, around 1:30 pm, I arrived at the hotel, got checked in and asked where I could purchase a non-resident fishing license. The young lady behind the counter directed me to the local Wal-Mart. Since my plan was to fish today, the day before the tournament and the day after the tournament I asked for a 3-day non-resident license when I found the Wal-Mart. The sporting goods manager informed me that she had sold an unusually high number of non-resident fishing licenses today. I told her it was probably because of the CAGI at Fellows Lake. I was then reminded, by the dumbfounded and shocked look on her face, that Sport Fishing for Carp is still pretty obscure. After talking with her for a while, I was on my way to Fellows Lake with my trusty Map quest directions in hand. These led me into the middle of nowhere so I packed up my male ego and got on the cell phone to ask for directions. I contacted David Moore, who at the time had a fish on, and he got me headed in the right direction. Now I was really getting excited, finding out that there were some CAG guys on the bank catching fish. After 3 more conversations with David, 2 of which he had fish on, he finally got me talked in to the spot on the bank where they were fishing. As I walked down the hill toward the water I was scoping out the bank. To my right I could see what appeared to be a Euro-Tackle Shoppe. Man, I’ve sent this stuff in magazines but never that much of it, all in one place, in person. Next to that is a gentleman fishing with equipment I am much more familiar with. A “tackle bucket”, a lawn chair and a couple of regular ol’ fishin’ poles on the bank. On the other side of him is another gentleman fishing with a “normal” amount of Euro type tackle that I am much more familiar with and is much the same as what my fishin’ buddy Monty uses. When I reach the bank to greet my fellow anglers first I meet David and Tim who are fishing the Euro-Tackle Shoppe method. Then I meet Phone who is fishing next to them using the regular ol’ fishin’ method (which happens to be my method of choice). And then I am introduced to Fred, who is fishing the “normal” Euro method. I have to tell you, I feel as giddy as a little kid on Christmas at this point. After all my preparation, trials and tribulations along the way, not only have I finally arrived at the bank, I have also met Phone. I have “talked” to Phone on the CAG e-mail list, as well as on the CAG Forum and have been looking forward to meeting him in person! David asked me why I was not fishing in Wisconsin with the rest of the Illinois guys. I told him that it was only about an hours difference in travel time to come here and it also allowed me to achieve one of the goals I had set for 2003, which was to meet Phone! I got my gear and set up between Phone and Fred. We fished for a few hours. David, Phone and Fred each caught fish. I had a couple of runs, but no fish. Tim tried to get Phone to use some boilies and Phone forgot everyone’s name. As we were packing up our stuff, we were discussing evening plans and pairing up for tomorrows tour
Map of the Northern Highland Lakes Region
Map of the Northern Highland Lakes Region
Document ID: PB066845 Highland Lakes of Central Texas was a publication distributed during the 1950s to promote recreational use of the Highland Lakes in Central Texas. The publication featured Tex McLoch, a cartoon character who wore boots, a cowboy hat and a Scottish kilt. Illustrations by Art Anderson. Transcription: The Northern Highland Lakes Region These 4 reservoirs form an integral part of the Lower Colorado River Authority's flood control, irrigation and power system. Lake Buchanan, the largest of this group, is 32 miles long, with a maximum width of 8 miles. The massive dam provides a depth of 131 feet, a sail boater's delight, a fisherman's dream lake. Buchanan Dam is one of the largest of its type in the world. LCRA's Observation Building at the dam has restrooms and a coffee shop. Inks Dam, three miles below Buchanan, forms a small tranquil lake. These two lakes provide almost any type of water recreation a person could desire. Hundreds of public vacation cottages sprinkle the shore lines. Boats and fishing equipment are available everywhere. Granite Shoals and Marble Falls, the two newest units in the system, completed in the summer of 1951, offer the sportsman even now, a number of vacation developments. These two lakes provide a virgin area for recreational and vacation development.

long line fishing equipment
long line fishing equipment
Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable 4-Person Boat
The Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable Boat is packed with features for performance and convenience, so you can focus on fishing. Measuring 9 Feet1 Inch long by 4 Feet8 Inch wide, the 4-Person Fish hunter holds up to 700 pounds and is durably constructed of heavy-duty 30-gauge PVC. The Fish Hunter is built with two tunnel chambers for lateral stability on the water. For comfort, the Fish Hunter features two inflatable seats, two fishing-rod holders, four swivel oarlocks, and chafing pads. Drain plugs make it easy to empty out water, while an all-around grabline and built-in carry handles offer convenience. The Fish Hunter includes bow and stern fittings for an electric motor, with optional fittings for a 2.5HP motor. A handy gear bag and battery pouch are included. Guaranteed not to leak, thanks to Sevylor Feets exclusive Airtight System, the boat Feets Double-Lock Valves prevent accidental air loss and ensure quick, easy inflation and deflation. NMMA certified.

Hit the fishing hole with three of your closest friends with the Sevylor Fish Hunter inflatable four-person boat. The Fish Hunter is constructed of 30-gauge PVC, with two tunnel chambers adding lateral stability on the water. As a result, the boat can handle uneven loads, provided it doesn't take on more than 700 pounds. The boat also includes a number of fishing-specific features, including two inflatable seats to keep you comfortable and stable while casting, two fishing rod holders, chafing pads, and a gear bag. The Fish Hunter's drain plugs help you keep water from building up, while the four swivel oarlocks make it easy to turn without losing control. And folks on longer fishing trips can add a motor mount and an outboard motor. The boat works with motors up to 2.5 horsepower, and also includes bow and stern fittings and a battery pouch for an electric motor.
Finally, the Fish Hunter is guaranteed not to leak thanks to Sevylor's exclusive Airtight system and Double-Lock valves, which prevent accidental air loss while encouraging quicker inflation and deflation. Other details include an all-around grab line, two oar holders, and a pair of built-in carrying handles. Certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the four-person Fish Hunter measures 9 feet 1 inch by 4 feet 8 inches and carries a 90-day warranty.
About Sevylor
The road from Sevylor's founding in 1948 to its current role as the dominant supplier of a wide range of inflatables--such as kayaks, boats, and towables--is a long one, with plenty of original inventions and innovations along the way. Established in a city suburb of Vitry, France, by electronics engineer Berco Grimbert, Sevylor originally built electrical accessories, with a sideline business dedicated to using its high-frequency welding machines to manufacture PVC consumer goods. The first inflatable to receive rave notice was a small bathtub called the Dou Dou. Perfect for postwar France, the inflatable tub was portable, convenient, practical, easy to clean, durable, and, best of all, affordable.
After moving to the picturesque Alsatian village of Buhl, the company expanded into developing valves, pumps, boats, inflatable pools, and a variety of water toys. In the ensuing years, Sevylor first developed a PVC that had "memory"--meaning it could return to its original shape regardless of temperature--and then made history by releasing an inflatable pool mattress with a headrest and circular pockets. In 1986, the company invented the Ski Bob, a real turning point in the evolution of the towables business. Today, Sevylor's innovative designs include tenders, hunting and fishing boats, specialty boats and kayaks, towables, snow tubes, air beds, pool floats, river tubes, swim and sport rings, and more.

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