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Fastpitch Softball Training Equipment

fastpitch softball training equipment
    fastpitch softball
  • Fast-pitch softball (also known as fast pitch or fastpitch without the hyphen or "fastball") is a form of softball played commonly by women, though male and coed fast-pitch leagues also exist.
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fastpitch softball training equipment - Hit N
Hit N Stik Baseball Hitting Stick Batting Trainer 54 Youth
Hit N Stik Baseball Hitting Stick Batting Trainer 54 Youth
The Hit N Stik is quite simply the most effective and versatile batting drill device available today. Its strength lies in its sheer simplicity. It resembles a baseball on the hitting end, This is attached to a long, flexible shaft, fiberglass compound. This in turn, is connected to an easy grip handle that is held by the coach or drill partner. The result is a simple, safe, controllable, and non threatening device that has proven to dramatically improve hitting stance, contact, and bat control. It is much more affordable than traditional mechanical pitching devices, and offers more control and safety than any other product

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Fastpitch softball tournament
Fastpitch softball tournament
Above photo represents two local girls competing within this fastpitch softball tournament @ the Botetourt Sports Complex in Botetourt, VA this past weekend Oct. 17th-18th, 2009. Olivia Cleary of Riner posted a 6-12 .500 batting average that included a 2-run homerun as well as going the distance on the mound for a 9-3 victory over the 16U Maroon Crush. Courtney Cooper of Cave Spring was a guest player who performed well @ the plate with a "hot" bat & good speed in the outfield. The team posted a 6-0 record for the tournament & these girls played hard in such intense weather conditions with wind chills in the 30's throughout the weekend! Olivia Cleary is featured on the bottom row far-right & Courtney Cooper on the top row far-right. Submitted by Bill Cleary.

fastpitch softball training equipment
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