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Equipment Trailers For Sale

equipment trailers for sale
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equipment trailers for sale - Superwinch 1440200
Superwinch 1440200 S4000 Series Master Winch
Superwinch 1440200 S4000 Series Master Winch
Superwinch S4000 Series Master Winch is designed to be compact and dependable for all the vehicles utility needs. It can also be used effIciently at workshops, trailers and for jobs around the house. This winch features mechanical and dynamic braking. It includes a free-spooling drum for fast wire payout. It consists of 15-foot handheld remote switch made from cable tension plate for better performance. This winch is engineered with high-efficiency low amp draw motor and protected circuit breaker. It is pre-mounted and sealed to protect from elements. It is backed by 1 year warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.

The Superwinch S4000 Trailer Winch is designed for fast-and-easy installation, and is the ideal intermittent-duty choice for all your trailer winching needs. Race proven, this winch has a powerful motor, an integrated sealed switching solenoid, and rugged handheld remote. Other standard features include power in and out, freespooling drum, instant stop with absolutely no coasting, mechanical and dynamic braking, and roller fairlead. And the fully weather resistant protective cover helps keep the weather out. The freespool clutch, designed for fast wire rope payout, is operated by a pull-and-turn knob which disengages the gearbox to allow the wire rope to be pulled out without using electric power.

Superwinch Brand: Power when you need it, where you need it.

Multiple Uses: The ideal intermittent-duty choice for all your trailer winching needs.
Standard Features
Power Load IN and OUT
Mechanical and Dynamic Brake
Full-metal Gear-train
Freespooling Clutch for Fast Wire Rope Payout
High Efficiency Low Amp Draw Motor
Commercial Grade Integrally Mounted Sealed Contactor
Circuit Breaker Protected
Durable Handheld Remote Switch on 30' Lead
Roller Fairlead
Performance 12VDC (1st layer on drum)
Line Pull
lbs./kgLine Speed
FPM (m/m)Motor
Amps 12V
032.0 (9.7) 30
1,000 (454)16.0 (4.8) 90
2,000 (907)12.4 (3.8)155
2,500 (1,134)10.6 (3.2)180
3,000 (1,361) 8.8 (2.7)215
3,500 (1,589) 6.2 (1.9)250
4,000 (1,814) 4.5 (1.4)311
Rated Line Pull (Single Line)4,000 lb. (1,814 kg)
Motor1.8 horsepower (12V or 24V DC)
GearingDifferential Planetary
Gear Ratio159:1
Freespooling ClutchLever action
BrakingMechanical and Dynamic
Wire Rope7/32" x 60' (5.6mm x 18.2m) with Latched Hook
Dimensions15.1"l. x 8.7"d. x 6.0"h.
(383mm l. x 221mm d. x 152mm h.)
Drum Diameter1.625" (41.3mm)
Drum Length3" (76.2mm)
Weight40 lb. (18.2 kg)
Switching Method30' Rubber Handheld Remote
Switching MechanismCommercial Grade Contactor
Roller FairleadStandard
Wireless Remote ControlOptional

76% (6)
Trailers parked in Houston's east side warehouse area.

equipment trailers for sale
equipment trailers for sale
WARN 25855 Front Receiver Trailer Hitch, 2 inch
The front receiver has a 2-in lead and makes mounting your portable winch easier. The installation is simple and mounts directly on most vehicle frames. Compatible with the following Chevrolet/GMC models: 88-91 Blazer; 81-86 C10, C20, C30, K10, K20, and K30 Pickups; 81-86 C10, C20, K10, and K20 Suburbans; 88-91 C3500 Pickup; 88 K3500 Pickup; 87 R10, R20, and R30 Pickup; 87-88 R10 Suburban; 89-91 R1500 and R2500 Suburban; 87 R20 Suburban; 89-91 R3500 Pickup; 87 V10, V20, and V30 Pickups; 87-88 V10 Suburban; 87 V20; 89-91 V1500 and V2500 Suburbans; 81-86 C15/C1500, C25/C2500, and C35/C3500 Pickups; 88 C3500 Pickup; 81-91 Jimmy; 87 R1500 and R2500 Pickup; 87-88 R3500 Pickup.

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