Patcraft carpet tile : Montreal carpet.

Patcraft Carpet Tile

patcraft carpet tile
    carpet tile
  • A flooring tile made from a stiff-backed carpet material. Replacing worn, stained, or damaged carpet tiles is much easier than replacing an entire carpet, making them ideal for use in extremely high trafffic areas such as building lobbies and airport concourses.
patcraft carpet tile - Simply Seamless
Simply Seamless Carpet Tile - Premium Collection Graphite / 2ft.x 2'
Simply Seamless Carpet Tile - Premium Collection Graphite / 2ft.x 2'
Designed to stand up to foot traffic with stain-resistant, high-twist rate fibers and a moisture-resistant backing on each tile, this is a high-performance carpeting surface that is ready to install easily. Arama carpet tiles offer you an easy solution in a virtually seamless carpetings surface that looks like traditional broadloom. What could be easier than laying down virtually seamless tiles to create a continuous carpeting surface that instantly brings warmth, elegance and a luxuriant walking experience into your home or office? There is no need for kicking, stretching, taping of seams, nailing of tack strip and carpet cushion associated with traditional broadloom installation with any of our Arama Simply Seamless Carpet Tile. You can even install these carpet tiles on stairs, but it is recommended to use an adhesive to insure the product does not move when applied to the stairs. Arama carpet tiles can also be rotated at any time to make your carpet last even longer. This can save the look of your space in the event of spills and pet accidents too. Simply swap the affected carpet tile with a fresh one taken from hidden areas like closets, and then treat the affected stain-resistant tile with warm water to restore it to its original condition. With this line of durable, stain resistant yarn, complete with attached High - Performance premium attached Eco Fiber carpet cushion, you'll get a soft surface flooring solution that excels in high-traffic areas and provides comfort under foot for years to come.

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Carpet tiles are not only designed to look attractive, they're manufactured to deliver high performance day after day, year after year providing a flexible and adaptable flooring solution ideally suited to the fast-changing demands of offices and high street premises.

patcraft carpet tile
patcraft carpet tile
Milliken Legato Fuse 'Texture Inkbottle Blue' Carpet Tiles
The Legato carpet tiles are approximately 20" x 20" square and can be used to create a vast array of custom layouts and designs within your living space. The product installs easily and there is NO ADHESIVE NEEDED, thanks to Milliken's patented TractionBack? adhesive system that is pre-applied to tile. Fuse is made of 100% Milliken-Certified Wear-On? Type 6,6 Nylon and includes built-in soil and stain protection. Spills and stains are easily repaired by simply replacing the damaged tile. Mix and match, No mess, Area Rug or Wall-to-wall, Unlimited design opportunities- all at your fingertips with Legato Fuse Carpet tiles. The ultimate DIY product.

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