Off Ice Training Equipment

off ice training equipment
  • an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
  • A tool is a device that can be used to produce or achieve something, but that is not consumed in the process. Colloquially a tool can also be a procedure or process used for a specific purpose.
  • The act of equipping, or the state of being equipped, as for a voyage or expedition; Whatever is used in equipping; necessaries for an expedition or voyage; the collective designation for the articles comprising an outfit; equipage; as, a railroad equipment (locomotives, cars, etc.
  • The necessary items for a particular purpose
  • The process of supplying someone or something with such necessary items
  • Mental resources
  • The action of undertaking a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event
  • (trained) shaped or conditioned or disciplined by training; often used as a combining form; "a trained mind"; "trained pigeons"; "well-trained servants"
  • activity leading to skilled behavior
  • The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior
  • education: the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior); "a woman of breeding and refinement"
  • Kill
  • water frozen in the solid state; "Americans like ice in their drinks"
  • frost: decorate with frosting; "frost a cake"
  • Clinch (something such as a victory or deal)
  • cause to become ice or icy; "an iced summer drink"
  • Decorate (a cake) with icing

Thalys - Liège-Guillemins Station
Thalys - Liège-Guillemins Station
Liege, Belgica. Sobre Thalys - About Thalys O Thalys e uma rede de comboios de alta velocidade construida em redor da linha de alta-velocidade entre Paris, Bruxelas, Colonia e Amsterda. Esta linha e partilhada com os comboios da Eurostar que vao de Paris ou Bruxelas para Londres via Lille, pelo Eurotunel e pelos comboios TGV da rede francesa. O sistema e servido por dois modelos de comboios, o PBA e o PBKA, ambos pertencentes a familia de comboios de alta velocidade TGV (train a grande vitesse), construidos pela Alstom na Franca, apesar de nao serem muito parecidos com os TGV das linhas nacionais. ________________________ Thalys is an international high-speed train operator originally built around the high-speed line between Paris and Brussels. This track is shared with Eurostar trains that go from Paris or Brussels to London via Lille and the Channel Tunnel and with French domestic TGV trains. Thalys reaches Amsterdam and Cologne, and its system is operated by Thalys International. Its capital is divided up between SNCF (62%), NMBS/SNCB (28%) and Deutsche Bahn (10%). The decision to build a high-speed railway between Paris, Brussels, Cologne and Amsterdam was made in 1987. On 28 January 1993, SNCF, NMBS/SNCB, NS and DB signed an agreement to jointly operate the axis through the brand Thalys, and in 1995 Westrail International was created by the French and Belgium national railways to operate the services. On 4 June 1996 the first train left Paris, taking 2:07 hours to Brussels and 4:47 hours to Amsterdam. On 14 December 1997 the LGV Nord and HSL 1 lines opened, allowing the travel time from Paris to Brussels to be reduced to 1:25 hours. At the same time service commenced to Cologne and Aachen in Germany, and Bruges, Charleroi, Ghent, Mons, Namur and Ostend in Belgium. On 19 December 1998 the Thalys Neige service started to the ski resorts of Tarentaise Valley and Bourg St. Maurice. In May 1999, the new high-speed line serving Charles de Gaulle Airport opened, and Thalys started direct services from the Airport to Brussels, including code sharing agreements with Air France, American Airlines and Northwest Airlines. On 28 November 1999, the company changed its name to Thalys International. In 2000, the Thalys Soleil started services to the summer resort Valence—this service was extended in 2002 to Marseille and Avignon. In 2003, services started to Brussels International Airport and the Thalys Nuits d’Ete service to Marne-la-Vallee. Deutsche Bahn purchased 10% of the company in 2007. From 14 June 2009 nineteen minutes will be shaved off the journey time between Brussels and Cologne when a new high speed line (HSL 3) between Liege and the German border is opened. The new high-speed line will initially only be used by Deutsche Bahn's thrice-daily ICE trains running between Brussels and Frankfurt. Although HSL 3 was completed in 2007 Thalys trains have not so far been equipped with the modern signalling equipment necessary to use the new line. As a result Thalys trains will not use the new link until December 13, 2009 — once the necessary radio links have been installed. For this same reason, Thalys will not use the HSL 4/HSL-Zuid high-speed line between Antwerp and Amsterdam until December 2009. About the Liege-Guillemins Station Liege-Guillemins train station is the main station of the city of Liege, in eastern Belgium. It is one of the most important hubs in the country and is on the high-speed train network. The station is used by 36,000 people every day. The new station by the architect Santiago Calatrava has now been openend. It has 9 tracks and 5 platforms (three of 450m and two of 350m). All the tracks around the station have been modernized to allow high speed arrival and departure. The new station is made of steel, glass and white concrete. It includes a monumental dome 200 metres long and 35 metres high. The building costs were € 312 million. The station was officially opened on September 18th with a show by Franco Dragone. In addition to the national traffic, Liege-Guillemins station welcomes Thalys and ICE trains, connecting Liege to Brussels, Paris, Aachen, Cologne and Frankfurt. Two new dedicated high-speed tracks have been built : HSL 2 (Brussels-Liege) and HSL 3 (Liege-German border). There are also plans for Eurostar and ICE to link directly Liege to London Liege-Guillemins is also a transportation hub for TEC Bus: more than 1,620 buses carrying 15,000 people serve the station everyday. It is one of the rare train station in Europe directly connected to the highway network (E40-E25).
Mission 9.3: Epidemic of Nelvaan
Mission 9.3: Epidemic of Nelvaan
Mission Log: 9.3 ... _Discovering Signal ... Location: Nelvaan Legion Affiliation: 26th Connecting to CT-5835 [Carver] ... _Establishing Connection ... When I emerged from my frenzy, I was surrounded by downed droids, exhausted yet invigorated from my spree. Fragments of metal had pierced my armor, I was covered in droid oil. My visor was covered with it, but I knew if I tried to wipe it off, it would smear across and blind me. Instead, I wiped it off with clean snow, and I turned to look back at what had become of my men. Spark had exhausted the rounds in the turret, and had fallen back to his pistol. Meanwhile, “Rookie” had depleted the ammo left in my sniper, so that I was down to my last clip when he finally handed it back to me. Once the area was free of fire, the stranded troops had finally left the cockpit. There were three of them, and the one in the middle was being supported by the other two. They had removed his helmet, so that I could see his pale, pain stricken face. There was a dark wound spreading from under his shoulder-pad, and his whole body was shaking as he took gasps of air. I walked forward to meet them half way, and one of the uninjured troopers broke away from their group to approach me. “Trooper, what’re you names?” “I’m CT-8327 “Tally,” Sir. My other two men are Dodge and Skipper.” “Who’s the casualty?” “Skipper, Sir. Bullet to the shoulder.” “Do you have medical equipment, or training?” “No, Sir.” “Then he’s damn lucky to be alive.” “Aren’t we all?” I didn’t wan’t to answer that. It was the truth, but that was only thanks to us. We could hold out here with limited ammo and an injured trooper, and our best hope was to flag a gunship to extract us. Saldy, that was impossible. During the firefight, I hadn’t been able to distinguish the new sound of from the noise of the battle, but now, I realized that there was a familiar buzz in the air. I looked up, and I saw the sky crawling with Vultures, hailing fire upon the transports left in orbit. I looked back to my men, and signaled to clear the area; we hadn’t been spotted yet, but we stuck out in the open battlefield, and it was risky to take shelter in the wreckage for if any droid reinforcements arrived. It was vital that we found a safe LZ for evac, and with an injured man, we were pushed upon a small time span. We left the battlefield swiftly, traveling under cover to avoid being spotted. It was unwise to even contact command, for if the separatists were monitoring the airwaves, the energy signature from our radio would give us away. Overall, we were lucky. Finally, we turned a corner, and I spotted a droid command outpost positioned 50 meters from where we now stood. I signaled my men to stop, and I looked back to make sure the stragglers had seen the gesture. My eyes well immediately upon the wounded trooper. his face was white, his eyes had rolled up, and he seemed to be barely conscious. If he didn’t receive medical treatment in the next hour, he would die. Then, I made up my mind. There was only one way to get us off this rock, so we had to secure an LZ, even if that area was covered with droids. I told the survivors to stay in cover, and I led my men quietly on foot up to the wall of the outpost. I gestured silently for Spark to ascend the ladder, and engage the droids that were on top of the platform. My eyes followed him as he passed me and began to quietly began to climb up until he was out of sight. There was a moment of silence, then came the sound of fire, and the carcass of a downed droid flew off the platform and landed in the snow next to our feet. I looked up at Sever, and we both nodded. Command had marked us dead anyway. What was there left to lose? Then, I looked up, took a final breath, and began my ascent. _Connection Dropped

off ice training equipment
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