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medical equipment israel
    medical equipment
  • any medical equipment used to enable mobility and functionality (e.g. wheel chair, hospital bed, traction apparatus, Continuous Positive Air Pressure machines, etc.).
  • Medical equipment is designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions. These devices are usually designed with rigorous safety standards. The medical equipment is included in the category Medical technology.
  • Charges for the purchase of equipment used in providing medical services and care. Examples include monitors, x-ray machines, whirlpools.
  • an ancient kingdom of the Hebrew tribes at the southeastern end of the Mediterranean Sea; founded by Saul around 1025 BC and destroyed by the Assyrians in 721 BC
  • A country in the Middle East, on the Mediterranean Sea; pop. 6,199,000; capital (not recognized as such by the United Nations), Jerusalem; languages, Hebrew (official), English, and Arabic
  • Jewish republic in southwestern Asia at eastern end of Mediterranean; formerly part of Palestine
  • (israeli) a native or inhabitant of Israel
medical equipment israel - The 2011
The 2011 Import and Export Market for Electro-Diagnostic Equipment in Israel
The 2011 Import and Export Market for Electro-Diagnostic Equipment in Israel
On the demand side, exporters and strategic planners focusing on electro-diagnostic equipment in Israel face a number of questions. Which countries are supplying electro-diagnostic equipment to Israel? How important is Israel compared to others in terms of the entire global and regional market? How much do the imports of electro-diagnostic equipment vary from one country of origin to another in Israel? On the supply side, Israel also exports electro-diagnostic equipment. Which countries receive the most exports from Israel? How are these exports concentrated across buyers? What is the value of these exports and which countries are the largest buyers?

This report was created for strategic planners, international marketing executives and import/export managers who are concerned with the market for electro-diagnostic equipment in Israel. With the globalization of this market, managers can no longer be contented with a local view. Nor can managers be contented with out-of-date statistics which appear several years after the fact. I have developed a methodology, based on macroeconomic and trade models, to estimate the market for electro-diagnostic equipment for those countries serving Israel via exports, or supplying from Israel via imports. It does so for the current year based on a variety of key historical indicators and econometric models.

In what follows, Chapter 2 begins by summarizing where Israel fits into the world market for imported and exported electro-diagnostic equipment. The total level of imports and exports on a worldwide basis, and those for Israel in particular, is estimated using a model which aggregates across over 150 key country markets and projects these to the current year. From there, each country represents a percent of the world market. This market is served from a number of competitive countries of origin. Based on both demand- and supply-side dynamics, market shares by country of origin are then calculated across each country market destination. These shares lead to a volume of import and export values for each country and are aggregated to regional and world totals. In doing so, we are able to obtain maximum likelihood estimates of both the value of each market and the share that Israel is likely to receive this year. From these figures, rankings are calculated to allow managers to prioritize Israel compared to other major country markets. In this way, all the figures provided in this report are forecasts that can be combined with internal information sources for strategic planning purposes.

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How to make the world a more hideous place
How to make the world a more hideous place
Today, and for the last two weeks, Israel has been bombing the Gaza Strip from air, land, and sea, supopsedly as a "response" to the capture of a single israeli occupation soldier. Supposedly as a security "response", Israel has destroyed the only electricty source for over 800,000 people; no replacement is possible for at least a year, dooming unknown thousands - particulalry the most vulnerable - to death from disease and nonfunctional medical equipment. As a "security response" Israel has murdered over 60 people in the last ten days, inlcuding women and children and entire families. As a "security response," this morning a quarter-ton bomb was dropped on a home in Gaza City, killing an entire family of nine - mother, father, and all seven children - injuring dozens and damaging dozens of adjacent residences. As a "security response", this morning, Israeli fighter jets launched a missile into a playground; 3 children were killed playing soccer. As a "security response," about half of the democratically elected government has been abducted and imprisoned. Israel says all of this collective torture, all of which is absolutely illegal, is a necessary response to the capture of one of its soldiers. If that is true, then let's be fair. Palestinians are holding ONE captured Israeli, and they have killed over 60 people in response. So let's be even-handed. In all fairness, since Israel is holding over NINE THOUSAND captured Palestinians - most of them, unlike our single israeli, civilians, and many of them children as young as twelve - then how many Israeli civilians can Palestinians legitimately murder in response? Let's see: if 1 captured Israeli justifies 60 murdered Palestinians, then by an unbiased, fair judgement we have to say that Palestinians are free to randomly kill 540,000 Israelis. (9,000 x 60). But let's err on the side of caution - let's say that Jewish lives are worth ten times that of Arab lives, a concept most racist israelis seem to earnestly believe, so in fact Palestinians can only legitimately murder 54,000 Israelis. Sound fair to you? This is the logic of terror. Israel has murdered over 4000 people, the vast majority of them civilians, by this logic. Israel has justified the murder of over 700 children by this logic, and the shooting of over 10,000 other children. Today israel launched a massive invasion of Lebanon, by this terrorist logic, in which entire races and entire countries must be punished for the acts of a few. By any sane and decent standard, Israel is a terrorist state. Established by terrorists, copiously applying terror for half a century, breeding terror among its victims because of its inhuman cruelty, sowing war and misery in Palestine, Angola, South Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Iraq, Iran, all across central and south America, bombing this country, training terrorist groups in that country, arming this ethnic minority, invading that country, threatening this state, annexing that region, ethnically cleansing these people here and starving millions of others there... how much longer can Israel's daily atrocities continue? How far can this go? In the defense of an unattainably absolute Jewish security, does Zionism know any limits, any human decency at all? What the Palestinians demand is fair and just - they ask for nothing more than their full rights under the law, for dignity and respect and the right to live in peace, to make ther own choices and choose their own destiny and future. What Israel demands is illegal and grotesque - the right to impose Apartheid, the right to ethnically cleanse vast areas of land, the right to permanently incarcerate millions of people solely based on their race, the right to force millions of non-jews to submit to Jewish ethnic subjugation, to live as seconda-class semi-citizens in their own land, without rights, without law, without respect, subjected to daily humiliation and military violence, systematically deprived of work, food, water, education, medical care, travel, everything. Israel demands the right to steal whatever land it wants from any Arab, and then furthermore demands that the dispossed victim of its racist violence not only keep their mouth shut, but also demonstrate their love and gratitude. Israel's racist project is so far beyond indefensible that it truly boggles the mind that anyone, Jewish or not, could actualyl support it. ORIGINAL PHOTO: Abed Katib, Gaza City, July 12, 2006 IMAGE ALTERATION: /anomalous
P5146065 Steve Bell (Communication Workers Union)
P5146065 Steve Bell (Communication Workers  Union)
Stop The War Coalition rally : "End the Siege on Gaza" 14.05.2011 Called by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative, CND and the Palestinian Forum in Britain, around 500 people gathered outside the fortress-like gates of Downing Street to call for the Israeli government to end its illegal seige on Gaza, seen as collective punishment for the occupants, and condemned by the United Nations. There were many speeches from representatives of various organisations and trade unions, and the protest was all the more urgent because in early June 2011 the next Gaza Peace Flotilla sets sail to try and break the seige, consisting of 14 ships carrying humanitarian aid supplies and medicines desperately needed in the impoverished territory crippled by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) during "Operation Cast Lead" in December 2008, which saw the Israeli Army, Air Force and Navy bombing Mosques, Schools, Hospitals, Health Centres, Police Stations, residential districts and also targeting crucial infrastructure - Water, Sewerage, Electricity and Gas - which has never been adequately repaired because the Israelis will not allow most construction materials to enter Gaza. They have also prevented medicines, medical equipment, food and many other essential goods, even though they claim publicly that they have eased the blockade. Gazan fishermen are regularly harassed, physically attacked, imprisoned, occasionally killed by the Israeli Navy. Their boats are impounded or just blown up in the water, well within the boundaries of the sea blockade illegally set by the Israelis. One and a half million people are crammed into the small territory of Gaza, half of them children, many of them permanently short of food. Their economy is shattered, unemployment is massive, there is starvation and deprivation, and the continuing illegal blockade has been responsible for the further deaths of many, many residents who desperately need medical help from the outside world, but who are turned back from the border by Israeli forces. Israel completely controls the supply of water into Gaza. The last Gaza Peace Flotilla in May 2010 was attacked in International waters by the Israeli Defence Force, who, in an outrageous act of piracy murdered nine participants and wounded many more on one ship, the Turkish-registered MV Mavi Marmara. Several other ships were impounded. The world is waiting to see if the Israelis will be just as violent and murderous this time around... "End The Seige On Gaza" rally was upported by: Amos Trust, Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK, Communications Workers Union (CWU), Fire Brigades Union (FBU), Friends of Lebanon, Friends of Al-Aqsa, GMB, The Green Party, ICAHD UK, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Lib Dem Friends of Palestine, Pax Christi, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), The Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Twinning with Palestine, UNISON, Unite the union, University Colleges Union (UCU), War on Want, and Zaytoun. All photos © 2011 Pete Riches Do not reproduce, alter or reblog my images without my written permission.

medical equipment israel
medical equipment israel
DNA Computing Models
Sir Francis Crick would undoubtedly be at the front of the line ordering this fascinating book. Being one of the discoverers of DNA, he would be amazed at how his work has been applied to mankind's most important invention, the computer. In this excellent text, the reader is given a comprehensive introduction to the field of DNA computing. The book emphasizes computational methods to tackle central problems of DNA computing, such as controlling living cells, building patterns, and generating nanomachines. It also includes laboratory-scale human-operated models of computation, as well as a description of the first experiment of DNA computation conducted by Adleman in 1994.

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