Baking Big Cookies

baking big cookies
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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie and Soymilk
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie and Soymilk
Today's project was, obviously, making gigantic vegan cookies. The recipe (from "How It All Vegan") turned out to make a ridiculously huge amount of dough, so I only baked five really big cookies, and stashed the other half/two-thirds of the dough in the fridge for later.
cookie bake-a-thon at the CatHaus
cookie bake-a-thon at the CatHaus
We had a big cookie bake-a-thon at the CatHaus, complete with holiday cards for the plates given away to neighbors. Not all of the cookies are vegan, and this is probably about 80% of the cookies that were made over the course of the evening.

baking big cookies
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