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Pet Urine Stains Carpet

pet urine stains carpet
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familyroom floor, stage 1
familyroom floor, stage 1
Introduction to the project: The carpet in my familyroom is pretty lousy and needs to be replaced with a Marmoleum floating floor. But before that can happen, there's the matter of some bad wood on one end of the room that needs to be replaced. Also, I have so much crap in this room (it's my library) and nowhere to put it that the plan is to start flooring from the door forward, then with half the room tiled move stuff over to the first half and continue on with the rest of the room. Let's skip past the original beige carpet and the ripping-it-out steps. The big moldy stain at the right-center is from the freezer chest's condensation, and hiding under the refuse box at the top end is massive pet urine stains (plenty of my own, bad Cheddar, but he was lead there by previous piddling). I did the ripping out of the old carpet, oh, a month ago so it's about time I put some momentum into this project. I need somewhere to put the livingroom chair that sits where I put the Christmas tree!
The Constructionist
The Constructionist
9/27/2008 ----- ab800 camera left ----- we decided to replace the carpet in the living room with wood flooring. we got a GREAT deal on the hardwood, so we were excited and decided (hey, i'm a poet and didn't knowet... HEY!) to get started right away. so we pulled up the carpet and got a nasty surprise. in one of the corners was a HUGE pet urine stain (i don't know if i should thank nameless and kiki or the previous owner's pets), so rather than install the really nice flooring on top of that, we decided to replace the sub floor. the decision was a good one. the planning... not so much. probably because there WAS no planning. we just started cutting the flooring out. it's not a big deal to fix, but i wish i'd known then what i know now... we could have saved an afternoon. so anyway, all that work gave me this idea...

pet urine stains carpet
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