Bakery Equipment Videos

bakery equipment videos
  • an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
  • The process of supplying someone or something with such necessary items
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  • The necessary items for a particular purpose
  • a workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or sold
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  • A place where bread and cakes are made or sold
  • A bakery (also called baker's shop or bakehouse) is an establishment which produces or/and sells baked goods from an oven such as: bread, pies, bagels, pastries, cakes and cupcakes, biscuits, cookies, crackers, muffins, rolls, pretzels, doughnuts, and other items prepared by bakers.
  • Baked goods such as bread and cakes
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bakery equipment videos - Airbrush Machine
Airbrush Machine for Cake Decorating - With Airbrush
Airbrush Machine for Cake Decorating - With Airbrush
Turn your cakes into pieces of art and stunning centerpieces with the cake airbrush by Kopycake. Used by professional cake decorators worldwide, the Airmaster and KromaJet cake airbrush systems have for years been the popular choice for bakers and decorators. With the precision air brush, available in small or large, you can add the finishing touches to your cake to create an artistic masterpiece. The airbrush is gentle, and will protect the cake frosting as you decorate it with a gentle mist of the color of your choice. Please also find below the Kroma Kolor airbrush food colors, specifically made for the Airmaster cake airbrush system. Oil-less piston compressor featuring adjustable air pressure from 0-30 psi giving you greater control Spray intricate work without blowing holes in your frosting Spray large areas smoothly and evenly with the precision airbrush Maintenance free and enclosed in a durable ABS cabinet to prevent damage and be easy to clean Convenient built-in airbrush holder also protects your airbrush when not in use 5.5 solid brass nickel plated airbrush included

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I've been tagged!
I've been tagged!
Taking Honeythorpe's lead here ... I haven't tagged anyone either as I'm so new around here, I don't know many people! I would love to find out some more about all of you though - so if you read this and want to be, consider yourself tagged! 1. I make hair clips. Lots and lots of them. Like the ones in the pic above and on some of my dollies. 2. After my daughter Indy was born I guess I went baby crazy and started a baby bib business with a friend. That fizzled out but it was how I started making hair clips. 3. After I started the clip business, called Indy & the Ninja, people started telling me to call my next child Ninja. 4. My son is actually called Harrison. Yep, they are Indiana and Harrison :) 5. I also make my own soap. Like Fight Club, kind of. Using vegetable oils. 6. I love baking but I hate lining baking pans. That’s why I bake cupcakes. My favourite cupcake recipe is the Magnolia Bakery one. 7. But I haven't baked a single batch since my son was born since his reflux made me cut dairy from my diet. 8. I own 6+ traincases filled with makeup. 9. The last time I went to Japan, I bought 37 eyeshadows in the space of one week. But no Blythes - this was well before this hobby started. 10. Sephora is the only reason I would consider moving overseas. And it better be a darn big one. 11. I once wrote a 8,000-word dissertation at University on lipstick naming, even though it didn’t have anything to do with my degree. Did pretty well too. 12. There is always room for dessert, provided the dessert is not red bean soup. 13. I think Batman Returns is one of the best movies ever. 14. I prefer Disney’s The Little Mermaid to the Hans Christian Anderson story. And I own an eyeshadow compact with Ariel’s picture on it. 15. I’ll watch any movie with Devon Aoki in it, even though they are mostly bad ones. I used to collect clippings of her and even ran a fansite. 16. When I first got Animal Crossing on DS, I played it for 6 hours straight. 17. I have beaten Kevin (my hubby) at a video game!!! This is a big thing when you know that Kevin once played video games for a living. It was Money Puzzle Exchanger, on our friend David’s arcade machine. 18. Yes, I have an arcade machine in my living room. But no, it doesn’t have the game I can beat Kevin at. 19. I enjoy reading “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” because the plot is so convoluted and hard to remember that it’s like reading a new book every time. I even live in a house numbered 42. Cows need not convince me to eat them, I’ll eat ‘em anyway. 20. I have watched more hours of Star Trek than Sex & the City, Dawson’s Creek, The OC, and Gossip Girl put together. And I am not a Trekkie. 21. Today, I googled what a “raktajino” was. Some sort of galactic cappuccino apparently. 22. One day, I hope to own a double oven. I think it would be really useful. 23. I'm actually a graphic designer by trade but the makeup stuff and clip business take up more room in my house than my real work equipment. 24. I own a quilter's fabric die-cutter ... but I don't actually quilt. 25. If Batman fought Superman wearing Kryptonite gloves, I would consider that to be cheating.
The making of Kurtos kalacs / Chimney cake
The making of Kurtos kalacs / Chimney cake If you read travel reviews about Hungary or Romania you will discover that many people mention this tasty treat which can be purchased from markets, specialist shops or street kiosks. For those of you who have never heard of Kurtos Kalacs it is a delicious pastry made entirely from natural ingredients. The uncooked pastry is wrapped like a ribbon around a wooden cylinder or roller and then baked in a purpose made Kurtos Kalacs suto (Chimney Cake oven). Once cooked, the hot, sticky pastry is rolled in a topping such as sugar and cinnamon, walnut, chocolate or coconut. A savoury version can also be made with toppings such as garlic and herbs, or ham and cheese. There are simply endless possibilities. We are a distributer of Kurtos Kalacs suto (Chimney Cake ovens) and associated products. Our Kurtos Kalacs equipment is ideal for most locations so if you are looking to introduce a new product to your existing range or establish a new highly profitable business selling tasty Kurtos Kalacs from a: catering trailer :: kiosk :: market stall :: shopping centre :: bakery :: coffee shop :: cafe restaurant :: snack bar :: festival or event :: tourist location Then we are your ‘one stop shop’ supplying all that you need to produce Kurtos Kalacs including Chimney Cake recipes and “How to make Kurtos Kalacs” guide. Our short video will give you an insight into the production of Kurtos kalacs. Contact us directly for more information:

bakery equipment videos
bakery equipment videos
Sarabeth's Bakery: From My Hands to Yours
Mastering the art of baking, presented step-by-step through recipes from the legendary New York City baker. In the heart of Manhattan’s vibrant Highline District is a destination that is beloved by discriminating dessert lovers—Sarabeth’s Bakery. Sarabeth Levine offers an irresistible array of scones, muffins, croissants, cookies, and other classic desserts. This important addition to the baking book canon has been anxiously awaited by the extraordinary baker’s countless fans. It features more than one hundred inspiring recipes for her signature baked goods, ranging from unique English muffins and luscious banana cream pie with vanilla bean pastry to creamy chocolate pudding. Recipes for the perfect accompaniment to her buttery pastries—her legendary spreadable fruits—are also included. Step-by-step instructional photographs teach the baking techniques that make Sarabeth stand apart. Tips on such topics as making a decorative piecrust edge are also discussed in this user-friendly primer. The exquisite photography shows the home baker creative ways for sharing these wonders with friends and family.


The Baker’s Pantry

Chapter One: Morning Pastries
Puff Pastry
Croissant Dough
Danish Dough
Apple Turnovers
Almond Croissants
Pains au Chocolat
Pains de Matin
Pains aux Raisins
Cheese and Raisin Danish
Fruit Danish
Chocolate Babka

Chapter Two: Muffins and More
Banana Streusel Muffins
Blueberry Crumb Muffins
Variation: Raspberry Crumb Muffins
Bran Muffins
Double Corn Muffins
Maple Muffins
Pumpkin Muffins
Currant Scones
Buttermilk Biscuits
English Muffins

Chapter Three: Beautiful Breads
Apple Cinnamon Loaf
Variation: Raisin Challah
Cinnamon Raisin Loaf
Dinner Rolls
Rosemary Focaccia
Sarabeth’s House Bread
Pain de Mie
Viennese Kugelhopf

Chapter Four: Everyday Cakes
Mrs. Stein’s Chocolate Cake
Margaret’s Espresso Cake
Orange Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Ruby Cake
Three-Seed Cake
Chocolate Souffle Cake
Cheesecake with Orange Marmalade Sauce
Carrot Cake
Sir Francis Crumb Cakes
Black Beauty Cupcakes

Chapter Five: Party Cakes and Company
Vanilla Genoise
Hazelnut Genoise
Chocolate Orange Cake
Pate a Choux
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Hazelnut-Espresso Roulade
Lemon-Raspberry Cake
Raspberries and Cream Charlotte
Coconut and Mango Cake
Mille-Feuille with Summer Berries
Eclairs with White Chocolate Cream

Chapter Six: Pies and Tarts
Tender Pie Dough
Sweet Tart Dough
Almond Pastry Dough
Rustic Apple Streusel Pie
Apple Bretonne Tartlets
Banana Cream Pie
Individual Deep-dish Peach Crumb Pies
Variation: Blueberry Crumb Pies
Lemon Cream Tart with Strawberries
Lemon Meringue Tartlets
Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie
Pecan and Bourbon Tart

Chapter Seven: Plain and Fancy Cookies
Chocolate Chubbies
Pecan Moons
Chocolate Clouds
Chocolate Marmalade Cookies
Linzer Hearts
Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies
Buttery Shortbread

Chapter Eight: Spoon Desserts
Creme Brulee
Orange Blossom Creme Caramel
Triple-Chocolate Chocolate Pudding
Creamy Rice Pudding
Raspberry Bread Pudding
Chocolate Orange Tiramisu

Chapter Nine: Frozen Desserts
Ice-Cream Cones
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Variation: Blueberry Bombe
Strawberry Ice Cream
Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream
Espresso Ice Cream
Butter Pecan Ice Cream
Butter Pecan Profiteroles
Maple Ice Cream
Frutti di Bosco Sorbet
Pina Colada Sorbet

Chapter Ten: Spreadable Fruits
Blackberry Jam
Chunky Apple Preserves
Billy’s Blueberry Jam
Variation: Raspberry Jam
Lemony Pear-Pineapple Preserves
Strawberry-Peach Preserves
Cherry-Plum Preserves

Chapter Eleven: Frostings, Fillings, and Sweet Sauces
Meringue Buttercream
Variation: Lemon-Rose Buttercream
Variation: Hazelnut Buttercream
Variation: Mango Buttercream
Pastry Cream
Lemon Curd
Butterscotch Sauce
Chocolate Sauce
Raspberry Sauce
Whipped Cream
Simple Syrup
Apricot Glaze
Plumped Vanilla Beans
Variation: Vanilla Dust

Conversion Charts

Fall into Cooking Featured Recipe from Sarabeth Levine's Sarabeth's Bakery: Chocolate Chubbies
I have been making this cookie for close to 30 years, and not a day goes by that we don’t make them and sell every last one. It’s the most asked for recipe in the book. What I love about these cookies is that if you eat them soon after they come out of the oven the chocolate chips are so meltingly delicious, it’s like being in chocolate heaven. --Sarabeth Levine
Makes about 2 dozen cookies

8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter, cut into ?-inch cubes
9 ounces semisweet or bittersweet chocolate (no more than 62% cacao), finely chopped
3 ounces unsweetened chocolate, finely chopped
? cup unbleached all-purpose flour
? teaspoon baking powder
? teaspoon fine sea salt
3 large eggs, at room temperature
1 ? cups superfine sugar
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
2 cups (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips
1 ? cups (5 ? ounces) coarsely chopped pecans
1 ? cups (4 ? ounces) coarsely chopped walnuts

Position racks in the center and top third of the oven and preheat to 350°F. Line two half-sheet pans with parchment paper.
Bring 1 inch of water to a simmer in a medium saucepan over low heat. Put the butter in a wide, heatproof bowl, and melt the butter over the hot water in the saucepan. Add the semisweet and unsweetened chocolate, stirring often, until melted and the mixture is smooth. Remove the bowl from the heat and let stand, stirring occasionally, until cooled slightly but still warm, about 5 minutes.
Sift the flour, baking powder, and salt together into a medium bowl. Whip the eggs in the bowl of a heavy-duty stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment on medium-high speed until the eggs are foamy and lightly thickened, about 30 seconds. Increase the speed to high and gradually add the sugar, then the vanilla. Whip until the eggs are very thick and pale yellow, about 3 minutes. Reduce the mixer speed to medium and beat in the tepid chocolate, making sure it is completely incorporated. Change to the paddle attachment and reduce the mixer speed to low. Gradually add the flour mixture. Remove the bowl from the mixer. Using a wooden spoon, stir in the chocolate chips, pecans, and walnuts, making sure the chunky ingredients are evenly distributed at the bottom of the bowl.The dough will be somewhat soft.
Using a 2-inch ice-cream scoop, portion the batter onto the prepared pans, placing the cookies about 1 ? inches apart. Bake the cookies immediately—if you wait, they won’t be shiny after baking. Bake, switching the position of the pans from top to bottom and front to back about halfway through baking, until the cookies are set around the edges (if you lift a cookie from the pan, the edges should release easily, even if the center of the cookie seems underdone), 17 to 20 minutes. Do not overbake. Cool completely on the baking pans. (The cookies can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature, with the layers separated by parchment paper, for up to 3 days.)

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