Small Bale Handling Equipment

small bale handling equipment
  • The process of supplying someone or something with such necessary items
  • an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
  • The act of equipping, or the state of being equipped, as for a voyage or expedition; Whatever is used in equipping; necessaries for an expedition or voyage; the collective designation for the articles comprising an outfit; equipage; as, a railroad equipment (locomotives, cars, etc.
  • The necessary items for a particular purpose
  • A tool is a device that can be used to produce or achieve something, but that is not consumed in the process. Colloquially a tool can also be a procedure or process used for a specific purpose.
  • Mental resources
  • treatment: the management of someone or something; "the handling of prisoners"; "the treatment of water sewage"; "the right to equal treatment in the criminal justice system"
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  • manual (or mechanical) carrying or moving or delivering or working with something
  • Small items of clothing, esp. underwear
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  • Make (something) into bales
  • Basel: a city in northwestern Switzerland
  • a large bundle bound for storage or transport
  • make into a bale; "bale hay"
small bale handling equipment - The Slave
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As the hay is gathered in the field, the machine creates a square bale and drops it behind. In this image, you can see the flying bits of hay as the bundled square bale is released to the field. Its weight causes the field stubble to gather and peices to break off, flying everywhere. The dust in the air is from the compression of the hay into the bales within the machine. © All Rights Reserved - No Usage Allowed in Any Form Without the Written Consent of Gail Shotlander (aka shotzy)
Baling (2)
Baling (2)
This image is a tight crop from a distant baling machine. My post is purely to show a second method of baling hay. I applied Topaz to bring out the details. Different from the previous post, this baler gathers the hay into much smaller bales. After being bound by the smaller machine, there is an arm (see note) that propels the smaller bale into the trailer. © All Rights Reserved - No Usage Allowed in Any Form Without the Written Consent of Gail Shotlander (aka shotzy)

small bale handling equipment
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