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Pictures Of Farming Equipment

pictures of farming equipment
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pictures of farming equipment - Farming with
Farming with Horses (Country Workshop)
Farming with Horses (Country Workshop)
In the early twentieth century, the proliferation of farm tractors dramatically eased the burden on America’s farmers. It seemed the day of the horse-drawn plough was well over. And yet today, with a new generation working smaller spreads for reasons of necessity, economics, or personal conviction, draft horses are going back to work in a big way, and proving their worth once more. This book, by a widely respected trainer of working horses, aims to show those new to farming with horses—or those simply in need of a brush-up—everything they need to make the old ways work like new.
With a wealth of color illustrations and clear, to-the-point prose, Farming with Horses reviews the different types of harness and collar, explains how to select a work horse and how to hitch a horse to an implement, and fully describes lateral and longitudinal alignment, rein grips, and every other aspect of farming with horses.

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Two Very Large CASE IH Farm Tractors with Equipment at Sunrise this Morning (Painterly Techniques on my Photo)
Two Very Large CASE IH Farm Tractors with Equipment at Sunrise this Morning (Painterly Techniques on my Photo)
Two very large CASE IH Farm Tractors with Equipment. I think the implements on the back are called disk rippers and/or chisel plows. How about drizzle plows and risk drippers? LOL This photo of mine has an oil paint 1 technique on it. (1890farmeq crp oil1 and r)
Two Huge CASE IH Farm Tractors at Sunrise this Morning
Two Huge CASE IH Farm Tractors at Sunrise this Morning
Sunrise on two CASE IH huge farm equipment pieces. I think the implements on the back are called disk rippers and/or chisel plows. (1896CASEfarmequipmentsunriseresaminit)

pictures of farming equipment
pictures of farming equipment
Classic Farming & Agriculture Films (2) Two DVD Set: 1920s - 1950s US Farm Land & Ranches, Livestock Ranching, Dairy Farmers, & Farming Machinery, Equipment, Tractors And Technology History Pictures Films on 2 DVD's
This compilation features films about the history of farming and agriculture in America. Topics includes farming technology changes such as rubber tires in the 20s to new pesticides developed in the 50s, farm labor unions, WWII war effort farming, farm animals, and farm safety. Table Of Contents: Disc One: (1) Farmer Miller Goes Into High Gear (1920s) - Produced by Goodyear, this promotional film explores the rubber tire revolution for farmers when rubber tire were just emerging onto the market. This film is silent - 20 Minutes (2) Farmer Henry Browne (1942) - This is a nice portrait of an African-American farmer in Georgia during WWII - 11 Minutes (3) Agricultural Aviation (1955) - Historical footage of crop dusting and pesticide application, including up close footage of the various pests like boll weevils that damage farmer's plants - 10 Minutes (4) Agriculture USA (1950s) - Sponsored by the USDA, this film explores the growing agriculture market in the US begining with the modern history of agriculture in America and then explores the technology and pesticides that have led to higher yields and productivity - 27 Minutes Disc Two: (1) Seed for Tomorrow (1947) - Discusses the need for unions for agricultural workers to help maintain price and wage control - 20 Minutes (2) Singing Wires (1951) - A rural American farm gets hooked up to the power grid and by golly it changes their lives for the better. Can you see the light? - 22 Minutes (3) Amateur film: Texas Farm Family (1950s) - This silent amateur film includes basic farm footage from a Texas farming family - 11 Minutes (4) Farm Petroleum Safety (1950s) - This is a wonderful farm safety film full of vivid pictures and stories of the misuses of petroleum and the proper and safe ways to use petroleum on the farm - 24 Minutes (5) Three Little Kittens (1938) - Great short film about farm life for a cat as she has a litter of three kittens - 10 Minutes

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