Future military equipment - Windsurfing equipment used.

Future Military Equipment

future military equipment
    military equipment
  • This article lists military technology items, devices and methods. The classification of weapons of war is one of the research issues of military science.
  • For acquisition and financial reporting purposes, Military Equipment assets are defined as weapon systems that can be used directly by the Armed Forces to carry out battlefield missions. Military equipment:
  • Existing after death
  • At a later time; going or likely to happen or exist
  • the time yet to come
  • a verb tense that expresses actions or states in the future
  • yet to be or coming; "some future historian will evaluate him"
  • (of a person) Planned or destined to hold a specified position
future military equipment - Future War
Future War and Counterproliferation: U.S. Military Responses to NBC Proliferation Threats
Future War and Counterproliferation: U.S. Military Responses to NBC Proliferation Threats
The United States faces a small number of rogue states that either have or are working to acquire weapons of mass destruction. These NASTIs, or NBC-Arming Sponsors of Terrorism and Intervention, include such states as North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Syria. U.S. nonproliferation programs and policies have helped to keep this number small, but U.S. and allied counterproliferation programs are essential to reduce the danger. It is up to deterrence, active defenses, passive defenses, decontamination, and counterforce to turn enemy weapons of mass destruction into instruments of limited destructive effect.
Warfighters will also have to adopt a different strategy and concept of operations in fighting an adversary that is so heavily armed. This strategy will feature a combination of deception, dispersion, mobility and maneuver, diffused logistics, remote engagement, missile defense bubbles, non-combatant evacuation operations, and large area decontamination. It will also involve upgrades to NBC passive defense measures and equipment, as well as a counterforce capability that can find and destroy a variety of adversary targets, including mobile launchers and deeply buried and hardened underground structures.

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"Your future in the Royal Navy"
"Your future in the Royal Navy"
Selected photographs scanned from a Royal Navy recruiting brochure dating from March 1981. Anyone who joined the RN around this period would probably be familiar with this publication, alas none of the ships, very little of the equipment, and only a few of the trades would still be recognisable in today's RN. If any viewers recognise themselves in any of the images and would rather have them removed please just ask and I will oblige. This brochure, which I have only just found again was certainly instrumental in encouraging me to sign on the line.
military robot dog used as an assistant
military robot dog used as an assistant
A possible future assistant to military personnel in the field. The robot dog can be used to haul equipment.

future military equipment
future military equipment
Military Gadgets: How Advanced Technology is Transforming Today's Battlefield...and Tomorrow's
The completely illustrated guide to more than 75 leading-edge military systems-16 pages in full color! Coalition soldiers in the Iraq War had access to the most extraordinary array of high-tech weapons ever created. In Military Gadgets, one of the world's leading consultants on emerging technology introduces today's most exciting and advanced military technologies ...and tomorrow's. Nicholas D. Evans offers easy-to-read descriptions of more than 75 technologies, and how they are used, all set within the broader context of military transformation. Evans covers the entire spectrum of military technologies from the present-day "heavy" forces comprised of aircraft, tanks, ships, and submarines, to the future-state light and agile forces exemplified by transformational programs such as the Army's Objective Force and the Navy's Sea Power 21. Each technology is accompanied by a photo illustration. Military Gadgets covers equipment used in every service of the military and created by an extraordinary range of top military contractors and innovators.Whether you're a military or defense professional, researcher, policymaker, or citizen, this is your complete guide to the future of warfare. *What's real, and what's next. What's already in the field, what's in the labs, and what's on the drawing board *Tactical Internet and Solider Systems. Better information and better communication: the keys to victory *Autonomous Vehicles. Autonomous aerial, ground, and underwater vehicles for surveillance and combat *Stealth Technologies. Stealth capabilities including the Sea Shadow, Joint Strike Fighter, and Virginia-class submarine *Smart Bombs and New Weapons. GPS-guided weapons, blackout bombs, electromagnetic pulse, airborne lasers, and more *NBC and Homeland Defense. NBC protection and programs such as Terrorism Information Awareness and HumanIDThe jargon-free guide to the future of warfare!*High-tech weapons, from Operation Iraqi Freedom to the R&D lab! *Fully illustrated introductions to more than 75 leading-edge military systems *16 pages of full-color photos!* Conventional weapons, Tactical Internet, and Solider Systems *Autonomous vehicles, stealth technologies, smart bombs *Nuclear, biological, and chemical capabilities, and Homeland Defense *Innovations from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)-the transformation "engine" of the Department of Defense *For every military/defense professional, researcher, policymaker, and citizen Military Gadgets is the first approachable and easy-to-understand guide to the technologies that are transforming warfare and helping the U.S. military dominate any conflict, anywhere, anytime. Nicholas D. Evans presents simple, clear explanations of the technical breakthroughs that helped defeat the Iraqi regime ...and the even more amazing innovations that are on the way. It's all here: stealth technologies, precision guided munitions, electronic sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles, and new solider systems, all connected for network-centric warfare to increase lethality, survivability, and force readiness against the unexpected. For each weapons system, you'll discover how it works, what it's for, and how it enables the United States to project power in ways others can't touch.

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