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Dog Playground Equipment

dog playground equipment
    playground equipment
  • A playground or play area is a place with a specific design for children be able to play there. It may be indoors but is typically outdoors (where it may be called a tot lot in some regions. )
  • A wild animal of the dog family
  • The male of an animal of the dog family, or of some other mammals such as the otter
  • chase: go after with the intent to catch; "The policeman chased the mugger down the alley"; "the dog chased the rabbit"
  • A domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, and a barking, howling, or whining voice. It is widely kept as a pet or for work or field sports
  • a member of the genus Canis (probably descended from the common wolf) that has been domesticated by man since prehistoric times; occurs in many breeds; "the dog barked all night"
  • frump: a dull unattractive unpleasant girl or woman; "she got a reputation as a frump"; "she's a real dog"

Going With The Flow
Going With The Flow
I like to take younger dogs to the childrens park. At first glance the equipment is rather scary for a dog, but easing them into the sensations of floors they can see through, slides and tunnels, lets them experience new things. They learn that new experiences dont have to be scary and gain trust in their owner when they dont die from it. :P This is Balfour going down the slide on his own terms after I went down first and he realized he was alone up there. :P
September 3, 2010
September 3, 2010
Good Morning. An extra from our walk today. Bug is getting a bit better with the "sitting where Mom wants me to sit even though I don't want to sit there or stay still" thing.

dog playground equipment
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