I'm a Non-Resident Fellow at the Brute Krulak Center and reserve officer in the US Marine Corps.* My past positions include time as an Adjunct Defense Analyst at the RAND Corporation and a PhD Candidate-in-Residence at the Institute for Security and Conflict Studies.

My academic research revolves around the determinants of military effectiveness, but I maintain broad interests related to international security, US defense policy, and research methodology. My current research agenda is an extension of my dissertation project, and explores how logistical force structure constrains military outcomes on the battlefield.

I received my PhD from George Washington University in 2020. I also hold a master's degree from the Elliott School of International Affairs and a bachelor's degree from the University of Utah. Before graduate school, I spent about five years on active duty as a supply officer in the Marine Corps and deployed overseas twice—once as part of the "surge" in Iraq, and once aboard USS Peleliu.

My curriculum vitae is here, and you can follow me on Twitter here.


* The views expressed in my work and on this website are mine and do not imply endorsement by the Department of Defense, the Marine Corps, or any other institution.