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Rectangle Glass Table Top

rectangle glass table top
    glass table
  • Put your opponent through a table that's covered in glass
  • a parallelogram with four right angles
  • In Euclidean plane geometry, a rectangle is any quadrilateral with four right angles. The term is occasionally used to refer to a non-square rectangle. A rectangle with vertices ABCD would be denoted as .
  • A quadrilateral having opposing sides parallel and four right angles
  • A plane figure with four straight sides and four right angles, esp. one with unequal adjacent sides, in contrast to a square
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Cleansing Salad Tropical Asian
Cleansing Salad Tropical Asian
Breakfast or Lunch Approx: 10 min: Cleansing Salad Tropical Asian Ingredients:Filling 1 fresh AloeVera Leaf 12 to 14 inches Lime Juice on stand by 1 Garlic Clove 3 Spring Onions include chives 1 Whole Coconut Fresh Herb Mint Raw unfiltered Honey on stand by Bee Pollen on stand by Red Chili Powder on stand by Papaya Fruit Pineapple Fruit Nuts of Brazil or Cashew Salad Ingredients: One medium size whole Cabbage (Green or Purple) Herbs fresh Rosemary, and Mint at the ready Cold Pressed Coconut Oil on stand by Method: Take your Aloe Leaf and on your cutting board with a pairing knife peal the green skins off and store them in a glass jar in your refrigerator. ( Don’t worry I will let you know what to do later with the skins) Add the Aloe Gel to a medium size mixing bowl Pour in 1 table spoon of Lime Juice Chop the 3 Spring Onions with green Chives and add to bowl Add sliced Garlic Clove Add 2 stems of Fresh Garden Mint Herb chopped Method of Fresh Coconut: This takes practice for some but don’t worry I plan to make a YouTube Video ASAP to guide you through this South Asian ritual with the Whole Coconut. For your body leverage but the hard coconut on a hard ground surface holding a fairly large chopping knife just for this purpose. Description of standard Knife for opening Coconuts: The blade is a flat rectangle shape about 7 inches long and 3 inches wide and has a good solid handle on it . The knife has good weight to it one pound or heavier. Method:Your Chopping block should lay on a hard floor surface with the Coconut in place. Hold the Coconut firmly exposing the top side and cut away from your body at a ? angle down across the head of the coconut in a circle pattern as you turn the fruit in your hand holding it firmly against the cutting board. After a few cuts you will notice a the small hole appearing at the top end. When the hole is big enough pour the Coconut water into a glass for later use. Then leveraged again over the cutting board on the floor make several cuts down the middle until the coconut is split in half. Then spoon out the sweet white flesh into your mixing bowl. What to do with the 2 discarded half coconut shells? Well I know all Dogs are not the same but my dog loves to chew on them and play with them as well . ( Makes great Cheap Chew Toys for your Pet) Special Note: Did you ever see the Block Buster Movie named the Castaways starring Tom Hanks ? Well I remember poor Tom stranded and hungry on this remote tropical island in the middle of no where desperately in vain ,trying his best to open this coconut. I think it took hours or days or maybe it never opened at all ? I just don’t want you to have the same problem as Tom did in your kitchen thats all. All my Recipes take only 10 to 15 minutes approximately to make for the busy person as your self. That is why I am so compelled to make that YouTube Video. Next with that out of the way add your coconut meat to your mixing bowl , then spoon the contents into your Glass Blender ,blending until you achieve a creamy paste . Spoon the paste into your mixing bowl and taste. Mmmmmm the Coconut meat should nicely neutralize the Aloe, masking the bitterness of the Aloe Vera Jell ? If not then make your adjustments with more of the following : Grated Raw garlic, and optional Red Chili Pepper for more (HOT) More Lime Juice for more (Sour) More Raw unfiltered Honey for more (Sweetness) More Chopped Mint Herb for more (Garden Flavoring) Optional: A pinch of Sea Salt or a bit of Sole water made from the water of a Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Crystal dissolved in pure water (Salty) When you have reached your desired taste then add the following Cut a one inch thick Pineapple ring discard the outer ring and chop finely into the creamy paste. Cut a one inch thick Papaya ring same size as the Pineapple and chop finely into the creamy paste. Stir well then put your mixing bowl aside. Take your medium head of Cabbage place it on the chopping block and cut around to make hand size domes. (Funny when I first looked at them they looked like a wireless computer mouse) Then with your fingers take out the middle sections until your left with veggie pocket. From the mixing bowl Spoon your creamy paste into the pocket for about 3 sandwiches. Chop the left over cabbage into a mixing bowl. Add chopped fresh rosemary herb, and mint to your liking . Pour in some Cold Pressed Coconut Oil ( 1 or 2 table spoons) Toss and serve with a topping of bee pollen and Brazil or Cashew nut Optional try adding some lime juice to your glass of Coconut Water . Its different and refreshing. I you find cutting open a fresh coconut intimidating then don’t worry I have a New Alternative Recipe for you called the Cleansing Salad Western Style. About the glass jar of left over Aloe Very skins in your refrigerator. Try this in the morning . Place the skins with the Gel side against your closed eye lid
mess tidals: they usually come in cycles, so that once in a while you are forced to have a go at restoring a clean visual space for the benefit of the already confused mind. so: take everything away, stick it just elsewhere out of sight. the aftermath is usually three or four days of a table that looks like the mesas. you can actually sit there and write without things falling off the edges. then, shyly, a scrap of paper or two, a book, two packs of cigarettes, a lighter, an half-filled cup of coffee, water glasses, a notebook, spam mail that no one is brave enough to throw away directly. the invasion begins anew. and: you manage not to find things that were supposed to be important again. up until you convince yourself they were not important. months later: crawling through old boxes and bags: scraps of paper mostly, artefacts that the dust has long since started devouring and/or cloaking. pencil lines have turned paler. just below a drawing (a stickman about to enter in a room, the room displayed through a door, a handful of spirals in its rectangle) a quickly jolted down note, a rather meaningless thing brought back from that night's dream: a man says: "this site is evaporating" it's easier to stumble somehow. you also get to scream and swear once you touch the ground.

rectangle glass table top