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Achievement Level Descriptors

Achievement level descriptors describe what students know and can do based on their performance on statewide knowledge and skills tests in the various content areas. These may be used by educators to target instruction and inform parents and students of the expectations for students to be considered proficient at a particular grade level. The Achievement Level Descriptors are based on a sampling of a larger set of testable content outlined in the OregonContent Standards. Results for individual students are only one indicator of student ability as measured at the time of testing. These statements give a general description of what most students know and can do within a particular band of achievement and are presented in the order of the way they are reported rather than by importance or test emphasis. Students who score at or within a particular level of achievement possess the bulk of the abilities described at that level and generally have mastered the skills described in the preceding achievement levels. Achievement Level Descriptors for each subject area were developed by groups of parents, educators, and business people who worked with state officials to establish the minimum scores required for Exceeds, Meets, Nearly Meets and Does Not Yet Meet.  (Adopted by the Oregon State Board of Education March 15, 2007). Click on the following ODE link to find information for  Mathematics, Reading/Literature, and Science.