Recipes For Valentine Cookies

recipes for valentine cookies
  • A person to whom one sends such a card or whom one asks to be one's sweetheart
  • A card sent, often anonymously, on St. Valentine's Day (February 14) to a person one loves or is attracted to
  • Valentine is a 1974 album by English folk/rock singer-songwriter Roy Harper. The songs are mainly love songs and were written whilst Harper was writing and recording his previous albums (Stormcock and Lifemask).
  • a sweetheart chosen to receive a greeting on Saint Valentine's Day; "will you be my valentine?"
  • "Valentine" is a song by Delays, released as the first single from their second album You See Colours in 2006.
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  • (cookie) any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)
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Recipe for Valentine's Breakfast
Recipe for Valentine's Breakfast
Surprise your partner with a special breakfast tomorrow. It's easy; all it takes is: - can of pinapple chuncks - can of jellied cranberry sauce. - a dash of love or affection. Just put pineapple in a bowl. Then cut the cranberry into slices, and use a cookie cutter or knife to make a heart shape. Voila !! I "invented" this in 2004 in Hawaii, while visiting my brother's family (he lives there, the lucky chap). 1k-0579
Valentines Day Cookies
Valentines Day Cookies
My first publicly seen decorated cookies! I did these for the recipients of my "cookies of the month" that I donated for a children's cancer charity. Also, one of my few times using chocolate sugar cookies; need to tweak my recipe a bit.

recipes for valentine cookies
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