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Ready Steady Cook Chefs

ready steady cook chefs
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015/365:2010 Ready Steady Cook!
015/365:2010 Ready Steady Cook!
Tonight we had a fundraiser in church in the Ready Steady Cook format, hosted by The Pampered Chef agent, Shirley Kerr. Johnny (our Youth Worker) and myself (the Curate) were each given a bag of ingredients with which to make a meal... Johnny won the judges' vote, but I won the popular vote by the audience!
Ready, steady, cook
Ready, steady, cook
Went to the Mui Ne cooking school (it right next to C2 Sky kitesurfing school) today. Very nice place and awesome food. 20 USD gets you 3 hours with lovely chef (forgot her name) and 4-5 courses of food. You get to make Mui Ne pancakes and fresh spring rolls yourself.

ready steady cook chefs
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