Healthy Pumpkin Cookies Recipe

healthy pumpkin cookies recipe
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halloween cookies cooling down
halloween cookies cooling down
Looking up through the cooling racks there are pumpkins, cats and bats. Most of these are going to be for trick or treaters. But some will be sent to my nephew who is poorly. He has such a bad diet, he won't eat fruit or veg and has ended up in hospital with severe er... digestive problems (thinking of a tactful way to put constipation!). So I wanted to send him something to make him feel a bit better both physically and emotionally. He loves my cookies so I thought I'd take stealth measures to make them a bit healthier. I experimented with my chocolate sugar cookie recipe with half the sugar I normally use, and added 1 crumbled up Weetabix (for the fibre), wholemeal flour, and whizzed up 6 apricots, 6 dates and a cup of mixed seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, linseed & sesame) into tiny pieces in the food processor, and added those too. They taste yummy actually! I just hope my nephew will eat them without realising they're good for him...
Pumpkin Brain
Pumpkin Brain
Because I felt a bit guilty into giving the Count a chocolaty overdose I ventured outside into a local garden to collect some herbs that would make the Counts tummy feel better. But when I stepped onto the soft green grass I came upon a terrible monstrosity! A Pumpkin Brain! Had the Halloween decorations and provider of yummy soup began to evolve? Was the Earth in terrible danger? Pumpkins with brains… what where they up to. I quickly hopped into safety, getting Thwack ready… If the Pumpkin Brains planned to take over this planet, they would have to get through me first! Beware pumpkins, beware…

healthy pumpkin cookies recipe
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