Girl Scout Cookie Season 2011

girl scout cookie season 2011
    scout cookie
  • Girl Scout cookies are any of several varieties of cookies sold by Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) as a fundraiser for their local Scout units. Members of the GSUSA have been selling cookies since 1917 to raise funds. Top-selling girls can earn prizes for their efforts.
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080/365 - March 21st, 2011.
080/365 - March 21st, 2011.
I finally made myself a semi-healthy breakfast choice instead of cookies... Lately, breakfast of choice has involved Girl Scout cookies or some such. So, I found this recipe, tweaked it a bit and now, I have a semi-healthy but still yummy breakfast option. Blueberry-oat muffins. Yummm. I even used cutesy spring Easter paper cups ;) I definitely plan to make them again and possibly change up the recipe a bit more in the future. I didn't realize how much I missed baking until tonight. I love it. How it makes the house smell so yummy, the sense of accomplishment, the delicious finished product. It is quite enjoyable. Maybe I'll get into the kitchen a bit more to keep myself supplied with yummy breakfast options. But then again, garden season is approaching. So I wouldn't count on it...
Girl Scouts Selling Cookies during the 2011 Cookie Season
Girl Scouts Selling Cookies during the 2011 Cookie Season
For Girl Scouts, selling cookies is not only about fundraising, but also about making public their presence and goals as an organization.

girl scout cookie season 2011
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