Baking cookies games : Cranberry cookies oatmeal

Baking Cookies Games

baking cookies games
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Cookies of Catan
Cookies of Catan
We baked cookies to replicate the Settlers of Catan board game. Gumdrops and pieces of gumdrops were cities and settlements, respectively. Colored icing-covered pretzel sticks were roads. Wheat was meant to be lemon zest sticking up, but they fell flat. Ore was a big black gumdrop mountain with chocolate-covered cacao nib ore nuggets. Brick was raspberry jam with white icing mortar lines. Sheep was green coconut with little sheep carved from marshmallows. Forest was a stack of pretzel sticks for lumber, with one standing tree (basil seedling leaves atop pretzel stick trunk). Desert was cinnamon sugar. The robber was meant to be shaped like the piece, but flopped over so we stuck a parasol in him to make it easy to see.
Weighted Companion Cube Cookies
Weighted Companion Cube Cookies
I had some extra cookie dough, and made one cube cookie. I goofed the cube cookie a bit, but still tasty! ---- From the game 'Portal', I decorated some sugar cookies based on the oh-so-awesome Weighted Companion Cube.

baking cookies games
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