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Astromusicologie 101- the best site for info about the SEO contest astromusicologie 101, and how it goes in it. For me, for other and for you.

Runescape, Wow, Everquest and Guild Wars Gold

Hey, I'll found a cool site yesterday that wrote interesting and good about gold in games like Runescape, Guild Wars and Everquest. Check it out - Runescape gold and money.

Carcasherdotcom and Precharge Projectnet! 

 My friends Marcus Westberg and Esteban Panzera doing really good in two different SEO contests right now. But both are 2nd right now :(. Esteban has a 2nd place in the Precharge Projectnet, and Marcus a 2nd place in Carcasherdotcom seocontest. Of course gonna I help them! So here comes some carcasherdotcom seocontest and Precharge Projectnet links:

What is Astromusicologie 101? It is a SEO- contest for students. The contest starts at 1 june 2006 and ends at 1 september same year. Astromusicologie is only open for students that are registered as a student any time at 2006 and you must have a student- email, wich must be on the contest- site.

It is the company Bargaintix who has set up this contest and I think it was a great idea! The SEO- branch need to advertise themself to young peoples, so it could be more young- and good SEO- experts in the future. Astromusicologie 101 is a really good idea and I hope many students will join the contest.

I am a student to, if you don´t have understand that yet. And of course I have joined the contest. On this site and at my other contest sites I gonna write, long or short, about the contest and thougts about it. If you want to help me- you do it best with a link to me. If you want to help me with the contest Astromusicologie 101- I could have a link to you to to. It would help us both. Just contact me then at bajsbrun [at]

News 30 of august 2006:

It is just a few days left in the Astromusicologie 101 contest. On friday the 1st it is over and I could take a deap breath and relax. If some of my sites rank better than third at that time, I would be so happy. It have been a real pleasure to work with Astromusicologie 101. Sure, it have been many hours that was going to get links. But it was worth it. 

Many have give a comment about Astromusicologie 101 like: "It is not so much money, in Carcasherdotcom seocontest it is more and better things to win" and so on. But what they don´t think about is that it is not so many that have join the contest - and that it is not so hard to win. And that 500 $ is much money for a student!

At this time my other Astromusicologie 101 site ranks as third, with 51 points. The leader have 52 points so if my site just rank one better in MSN, Yahoo or Google I win. Good, isn´t it? 

On friday it is a big party if I win. So please, help me with my sites. Party is fun! Specially Astromusicologie 101 party!

A new, Swedish SEO-contest!

Jim Westergren have now set up a new SEO-contest, that are swedish-languaged. The contest gonna gonna be at It are some special things with this contest, that no earlier contest have been. The domain must be new registered and it´s not acceptable to have the keywords in the domain.

It is five keywords, wich I don´t think any SEO-contest before have had. The keywords is: sökmotoroptimering, Internetvärd, Aftonbladhet, Svenska Dagbladhet and Expressn. Aftonbladhet, Expressn and Svenska Dagbladhet are three of the biggest newspapers in Sweden, but with some wrong types in it (Expressn real name is Expressen.. and so on). 

This contest gonna be really fun to work with and I gonna work hard with it. Many think that I or Nikke Lindqvist gonna win, but thats something you gonna heard of in that case...


Want a link here? Just contact me then! 

Presenter, presenttips och julklappar hittar man hos Presentdjungeln - bästa sajten för att hitta den perfekta presenten! 

Behöver du hitta billiga och bra resor? Flygcentralen har resor till hundratals resmål, alltid till billigast pris! 

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