Retirement Clock

Retired December 3rd 2010

Warren this is your subconscious.

From and including Monday, December 3rd, 1979 when you started working for MN State Fire Training and including Friday,
December 3rd, 2010 at 1pm, which is your date for retirement, you will have worked for 11,323 days or 31 years, 0 months,  0 days including the end date.

I have counted sleep hours also because you have been dreaming about work while you were sleeping. This is not good but that's the way you are.

Not that I have been counting or keeping track for you but the 11,323 days converts to:
  •        271,752 Hours
  •   16,305,120 Minutes
  • 978,307,200 Seconds
  • 1,617 weeks

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