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The Google Translator is a very helpful website,

Mexico Newspapers - Explore the most complete list of national and local newspapers from Mexico. Get multiple perspectives on Mexico news, current events, politics and business; read articles and commentaries about Mexico sports, travel, real estate, culture and entertainment; search obituaries and classifieds ads; as well as browse Mexico newspapers archives. In addition to the list of newspapers, you can find also Mexico maps, pictures and brief information about Mexico.

Local La Paz News Paper

El Sudcaliforniano
Daily / weekly local newspaper in Spanish.

I use FireFox web browser as it has a auto translator to English.

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Alfonsina's - Gonzaga Bay

Papa Fernandez
- Point Willard

Mexican Immigration Website

  • Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur, University of Arizona, Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias Marinas and Municipality of La Paz. This study relies upon the compilation of data from many institutions, including the Municipal Government of La Paz, the State Government of Baja California Sur, the Delegation of the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources for Baja California Sur and the Federal Delegation for Environmental Protection, the National Water Commission, and the Sistema de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de La Paz, among others. Download PDF of Full Report

Online Information

  • The Baja Citizen (mostly La Paz) is printed every other week and is now also online at
  • The Baja Western Onion (Todos Santos) is available twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday) by email and online at
  • The Baja Pony Express (Los Barriles) is available daily online at
  • The Ventana View (El Sargento/La Ventana) is available daily by email only from
  • The La Paz Gringos forum is a Yahoo Group that requires an approved membership but it's easy to get by browsing to their site and asking:
  • The BajaInsider website is also a good place for information but you have to be a little careful becasue articles are not dated and some information may be several years old, especially if it was written as an "infomercial" for the business it describes.
  • The Baja Nomad is a forum focused mostly on the northern end of the peninsula, but it's worth checking out, especially when there's a news black-out in Baja Sur, such as when the notorious drug lord "El Teo" was captured 2 blocks from my house on January 12, 2010.
  • The Gringo Gazette  is a Cabo-based newspaper that's available for free at many locations around the city but the online edition is only available by paid subscription.
  • The Veritas de La Paz Yahoo Group is a forum, a source of unbiased, uncensored information!