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posted Aug 7, 2011, 11:57 PM by Warren Jorgenson

July Update From El Centenario BCS Mexico

posted Jun 28, 2011 11:37 AM by Warren Jorgenson Well this past month has been filled with excitement and fun. We have had several parties with friends. We have spent many days at the beaches swimming, snorkeling and collecting shells.

Fishing and boating continue to be fantastic as always. The Sea of Cortez is warming up so the fish are biting.

We found out that our jack rabbit population in the back yard loves water melons. They ate everything including the rinds.

We had an oriole build a nest in the patio and raised three little copies of themselves. The morning doves have raised two batches of new ones. The striped gophers have also increased the family group by seven.

The WX has been nice and warm and we actually had some rain. The neighbors have given us credit by bring good luck to La Paz. Apparently it hardly ever rains in July. The rainfall for the last three years has been .5 inches. We did hang a thermometer outside in a cactus one day just to see what the temp was and it got up to 132 degrees.

We have seen a couple of early pacific storms that have not impacted us to much but the season is just starting.

This month we bought a new BBQ grill and a Hookah diving unit. With this unit we can enjoy the freedom of movement like snorkeling, but with essentially unlimited air when using the air line diving system.

We had the house fumigated. To many scorpions and spiders running around here at night.  They got the message and now stay outside. August should bring out the "tarantulas" with the hotter weather and rain. I'm looking forward to it but Jan Lee is not.

We also got our Mexican Drivers Licenses so we are now legal drivers.


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