Documents Assistance

If you are planning on traveling or coming to Baja California Sur, specifically the La Paz area and you need help with your papers and documentation then you need to call or email Olivia.

My wife and I were fortunate enough to have Olivia help with obtaining our FM2’s, Senior Card, CURP’s, Mexico Seguro Popular medical card and our Mexican Drivers Licenses. 

In March of 2013 we had to start our renewal process under the new immigrations changes that took place.  Gave our papers that Olivia needed to her and she submitted them on March 4th 2013, 30 days before my card expired. You can not start the renewal process until then. On Monday April 1st I get notified to come and get finger printed. That means the Mexican Government has completed my background check. On Monday April 8th I get notified by Olivia that my Residente Permanente card is at immigrations in La Paz.  WOW!!!

Olivia is awesome and she knows how to get through the process and what you need to do. We highly recommend Olivia for any of your paperwork and other assistance and special needs.

Olivia will even translate via the telephone for you which has helped me out several times. Olivia has helped my wife find all kinds of things around La Paz.

Her fees are unbelievably inexpensive for what she does. It is actually fun and stress free to be with her when she is helping you out. I must say we feel bad for others who try to struggle through these processes when you are new in town.

We have her on speed dial!!!

Warren and Jan Lee Jorgenson

El Centenario, B.C.S.  Mexico