Bomberos Voluntarios

Fire Department - Bomberos Voluntarios

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico
The Cabo San Lucas Fire Department is a civil association that operates in large part from the donations of equipment, supplies, or money by noble and intelligent people wanting to invest in their security. This project was made a reality because of good, hard work and each person who contributed his or her own grain of sand.

The Cabo San Lucas Fire Department was founded in 1982, when a single citizen by the name of Gildardo Payan Azcarraga, hailing from the state of Sinaloa but adopted by these lands, became aware of the social necessities at that time. Among them was the need for a group of firemen to look after the security of the citizenship; armed with a pail with couple of radios, an old vehicle, the patio of a house as central, but most importantly loaded with enthusiasm, he founded what today you know as the Cabo San Lucas Fire Department.

fire department cabo san lucas
DAILY - 24 Hours Phone: (624) 143-3577 (Spanish) | (English)

For cash or equipment donations
Please call these phones: (624) 143-9000 and (624) 144-4884
Or contact in the following e-mails
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The Volunteers sell shirts etc to raise funds for the department. Their booth is down at the docks where the curse ships unload. You can see in the back ground on the right side the ambulance that sits down here most of the time because of 4,000 people coming off cruise ships.

The on duty crew. They are true volunteers.