Martin's March Madness for Christ

The Brothers came out to support the Martin's March Madness for Christ Youth Basketball Tournament.  This is an event hosted by New Creation Church (NCC) and was the brain child of our beloved Brother Martin Akinfosile.  Brother Martin passed 2013 after a long fight with cancer.

Baja Ques Hop Team

Those Baja Ques shut it down at USD at the Black History Month Yard Show.

Hop Team: (Left to Right)

Walter Torrence, III - 3 StriQQQes - Phi Omicron 2K14
Jovanim Martinez - LL Que J - Phi Omicron 2K11
Ron Baron - Mr. OD - Phi Omicron 2K14
Quentin Davis - Solitary Confinement - Gamma Lambda 1988
Mario Duty - Commander Que - Omicron Gamma Gamma 2K10
Deon Farmer - El Jefe - Phi Omicron 2K14 (Hop Master)
Joal West - Dead End - Psi Psi 2K02

Selma Viewing

San Diego African-American leaders, local companies and community based organization have joined the movement to promote the movie Selma and its timeless message to students and the broader community.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade

The Baja Ques were out with there sons and the Dr. JAM Mentees to celebrate the MLK Jr. Day Parade Down by the Bay.

The both set it out as always.
Phi Omicron's 2015 Talent Hunt Winner

The Brother's of Phi Omicron would like congratulate.  Leila Aguirre on being the Phi Omicron Talent Hunt 2015 Champion. 

She wowed the chapter with her stunning voice and tap performance.  Leila will represent the chapter at the 70th Twelfth District Meeting in Oakland California.

Leila represents the Heartbeat Music Academy, located in San Diego California.  

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Headliner:   P Man

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Doors Open @ 7:00 pm
Show Starts @ 8:00 PM

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