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The Baja Ques Welcome Their Newest Members

The Baja Ques welcome the 2 new members into the Fold!!!!!

2 Stages of Grief
1.  Antwon German - BreaQer BreaQer
2.  Derrick Robinson - BriQHouse

Other Baja Ques in the Flick
'96 - Smooth Que
'99 - Stoic
'99 - Ridic-Q-Lous
'11 - El General
'11 - RoQQue
'14 - DoQ Solo
'14 - El Jefe
'14 - 3 StriQQQues

Come check them out at the comedy show, where they will put on their own show.

Martin's March Madness for Christ

The Brothers came out to support the Martin's March Madness for Christ Youth Basketball Tournament.  This is an event hosted by New Creation Church (NCC) and was the brain child of our beloved Brother Martin Akinfosile.  Brother Martin passed 2013 after a long fight with cancer.

Baja Ques Hop Team

Those Baja Ques shut it down at USD at the Black History Month Yard Show.

Hop Team: (Left to Right)

Walter Torrence, III - 3 StriQQQes - Phi Omicron 2K14
Jovanim Martinez - LL Que J - Phi Omicron 2K11
Ron Baron - Mr. OD - Phi Omicron 2K14
Quentin Davis - Solitary Confinement - Gamma Lambda 1988
Mario Duty - Commander Que - Omicron Gamma Gamma 2K10
Deon Farmer - El Jefe - Phi Omicron 2K14 (Hop Master)
Joal West - Dead End - Psi Psi 2K02

Baja Ques Reclamation Chapter of the Year - 12th D

The New Baja Ques Online Store is Opening

We heard the requests and we were listening.  After years of anticipating the Baja Ques Online Store is officially open.  It is currently headlined by items from the IMMERSED by QL Davis Collection.  More items to come.

The Brothers Recognize Special Mothers

The brothers of Phi Omicron and Xi Gamma Gamma celebrating with our Breakfast For MiLady winners.

Mrs. Leisha ReneWilsoMonroe - Phi Omicron
Mrs. CleopatrJones Patrick - Xi Gamma Gamma

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