Bicycle fenders touring. Cannondale kids bike.

Bicycle Fenders Touring

bicycle fenders touring
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Touring series IV
Touring series IV
Terrible pictures of what has turned out to be a totally amazing bike. I've been looking for a decent touring bike for a couple months now after trying to use my current bike (which has no allowance for fenders or racks) to go camping in May. We are going again tomorrow and I happened across this on Craigslist. Best part is that the guy who sold it to me lives across the street. So excited to not explode my knees going up hills! The closer I look at it the more I realise how good its condition is too.
Rochet Touring Bike
Rochet Touring Bike
I believe this old Simplex shifter was informally called a "suicide shifter." Please correct me if I'm wrong...I often don't know I'm talking about...but at least I admit that.

bicycle fenders touring
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