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Presidents Message September 2015

President’s message Sept 2015

     Thank you for honoring me by electing me as President of the BOC at the Banquet last May. The board of Directors and I have been working on programs and field trips we hope you will enjoy in the coming birding season. In addition to the kinds of great programs and field trips we have always had we a planning some new thigs too.
     We are looking for ways to reach out to everyone in the area who is interested in watching, counting, feeding, and helping preserve bird habitat and we have started to work with other area organizations. We are also increasing our presence online, including social media like Facebook. In addition to our BOC Facebook page there is now a Baird Ornithological Club Facebook group which is open to anyone. Everyone is welcome to post pictures and comments about birding in the area. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BairdOC/
     A new initiative is to run some programs for young people In cooperation with the Berks County Conservancy at Angelica Park’s Outdoor Exploration Center. A number of bird clubs, including the Lehigh Valley Audubon Society, have held winter bird counts for young people that have been very successful and we will be following in their footsteps this year and see what happens. These are like a mini-Christmas Bird Count/field trip combo and are designed to show young people how much fun birding can be even in cold weather! So bring your kids and invite anyone you think might be interested, lets’s have a great turnout for the.
1st Annual Winter Bird Count for Kids - January 9, 2016 (snow date = January 16) 
10AM - Noon. Angelica Park (future home of The Nature Place).
These events will require registration and have a small fee of $5/family to cover refreshments like hot chocolate and snacks for the post count tallying get together. Registration will be conducted through the Berks Conservancy’s web site and by phone. There will be a link on our web site www.baridornithological.club as well.  The date for the spring and summer programs are April 30, 2016 (or 5/7, 5/14)  9AM  and June 25, 2016 - 7AM. 
Often it seems most of us need a little extra nudge to get up and go out birding. One way to do this is to have other people going out to enjoy the company of and to learn from. I have been thinking for a while that it would be nice to have a regularly scheduled bird-walk one day a week, like maybe every Tuesday morning, that would meet at a different spot each week and allow people to go birding as a group more often. Some other bird clubs do this with great success and I have gotten some positive responses from members I have mentioned this to and so we will be discussing this at our first meeting in September. I would like to find volunteers to lead some of the walks and give suggestions of locations and if anyone would like to be the coordinator for this I would appreciate a volunteer for that too.
     We want to continue and expand existing programs too. Flash Bird-walks will continue to be held sporadically in addition to the regular trips listed in the schedule, but volunteer leaders and suggestions needed! These are bird-walks or trips planned on short notice to go out birding when a good birds appears or a new spot becomes hot for bird sightings. They are announced on the Flash-Bird-walks web site (https://sites.google.com/site/flashbirdwalks/home) and also by e-mail to those who have expressed interest in such. So send me ideas and suggestions anytime throughout the year mslater@voicenet.com.
     Last Fall Linda Ingram, Rudy Keller, Art Zdancewic and  conducted a short “Intro to Birding” class Boscov’s College of Courses and we are doing it again this fall. If you are interested or know someone who is, please see the announcement below.
     Last but not least e-Bird is still growing as a way to record bird sightings and help spread that information around in a timely manner. My page of links to e-Bird (and more) birding info at http://www.sg.sg/ebirdberks is a good place to start. 

There is lots going on and I hope to see you all at BOC activities this coming season, I hope to see lots of you out with me enjoying birds!.

Mike Slater

Bird Watching in Berks
Do you enjoy seeing birds in your backyard? Watching birds at your feeders? Ready to explore and get to know more about the 263 species of birds living in or visiting Berks and nearby areas? This interactive class, led by members of the Baird Ornithological Club, will get you started! We’ll cover the basics of bird watching: bird identification by sight and song, using field guides and binoculars, when and where to go see birds. Middle school students to adults are welcome to this beginner level class.  Please bring a pair of binoculars if you have them. Course #66 Held in the auditorium at the Boscov’s East Store in Exeter: Saturday, September 19 & October 10 at 10:15AM -12:00 PM…2 Part Series…FREE