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BOC Meetings

SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 "Discover One Bird – Save a Thousand" In 1997, an odd bird was discovered in the cloud forest of the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. Scientists rushed to learn more about the bird and found themselves in a race to save it. Doug Wechsler will recount this fascinating history and will talk about bird conservation in Ecuador today. Social Hour at 7. Bring refreshments to share.

OCTOBER 12, 2018 "Cruising and Birding through the Panama Canal" by MIKE SLATER

 BOC members Jan and Mike Slater sailed on a two-week birding cruise from 
Miami, Florida to San Diego, California via the Panama Canal aboard the Celebrity ship “Inifinty” in April 2017. 
Join us to hear about their birding adventures along the way. 

The trip was organized by Carefree Birding the American Birding Association.

NOVEMBER 9, 2018 Peter Saenger will join us to present "Birds and Windows; a Lethal Combination", updating us on recent research led by Dr. Dan Klem.

DECEMBER 14, 2018 - -Joint meeting with the MENGEL NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY

"Audubon At Home – Beyond Bird Feeding" by STEVEN SAFFIER. Learn about Audubon At Home's programs focusing on creating bird-friendly habitat in backyards.

JANUARY 11, 2019 Members Night...Mini- programs from our members (also Social Hour at 7. Bring refreshments to share.)

  • "From Berks County to Cape May: The Enduring Berks Connection with Witmer Stone's 1937 Classic Bird Studies at Old Cape May" by Bill Urich
  • "Weather and Bird Migration – Tracking with Radar" by Mike Slater
  • "A Few Points on Traveling for Birding" by Linda Ingram

FEBRUARY 8, 2019

"Pennsylvania Bald Eagles" with PGC wildlife biologist Patti Barber. Together we'll watch Pennsylvania Bald Eagles: Celebrating 30 years of Restoration, discuss the continued improvement of the eagle population since delisting, learn how you can share your observations to improve eagle monitoring statewide and get answers to your eagle questions.

MARCH 8, 2019 Todd Underwood, Professor of Biology at Kutztown University, presents "How to Avoid Raising Another Bird's Chicks". This talk will focus on Todd's experimental research on how and why some host birds can recognize and eject a brood parasite's eggs.

APRIL 12, 2019 "Rufa Red Knot – Defying Extinction: A Closer Look" by Bill Stewart. This program will reveal a closer look into the past decade's trials, tribulations, and successes to help save the rufa Red Knot.

MAY 10, 2019 - BANQUET Berkshire Country Club. Details and Reservation Form

Kirk Brown presents his multi-media live drama performance "John Bartram and Pennsylvania's Natural History".

All meetings (except the May Banquet) are held at Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center in the McConnell Education Building.

(cancellation information in case of bad weather)