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BOC Meetings

Carolina Chickadee photo by Ken Lebo
Carolina Chickadee - photo by Ken Lebo

PROGRAMS (the second Friday of the month from September Through April - the Banquet on May 5th No summer meetings)

Dr. Jim Klucsarits presents "American Kestrels"
Come see Alvernia University faculty member Jim Klucsarits discuss his research on kestrel populations in Berks County and environs. Social Hour at 7. Bring refreshments to share.

OCTOBER 14, 2016
"The Physics of Bird Flight" - Tom Reider is a birder who is retired from the aviation and educational fields. His interest in birds and aerodynamics have led him to explore the evolutionary development of bird flight, from therapod dinosaurs to current bird flight. Join us in this fascinating overview of bird flight. "For those who want to get a > jump on Tom's presentation, please go to the Museum of  Natural History - Dinosaurs Among Us.

NOVEMBER 11, 2016
"Northern Saw-Whet Owls" - Join Sandy Lockerman, licensed bird bander, as she returns to discuss the ongoing Northern Saw-Whet Owl migration project conducted by the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art. The Saw-Whet is Pennsylvania's smallest owl and one that most birders don't get an opportunity to observe. The migration project, operating for 19 years in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, is discovering some of the owls' secrets and is an excellent model of citizen-science in action.

DECEMBER 9, 2016
Barn Owls -Dan Mummert
is the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Wildlife Diversity Biologist for southeastern Pennsylvania. His role in the PGC is to work on the conservation of the region's wildlife in steepest decline. His program will provide information about the natural history and habitat requirements of Barn Owls along with a summary of the conservation work being done to help maintain a healthy population of Barn Owls in Pennsylvania.

JANUARY 13, 2017
Members Night..
.Our fellow members will present several short programs. One will be a sharing slide show of pictures of Berks County Birds supplied by Social Hour at 7. Bring refreshments to share. There will also be a raffle to raise funds for our upcoming 100th anniversary.

FEBRUARY 10, 2017
Botanist Dr. Susan Munch joins BOC members Linda Ingram and Ed Barell will present "Flora and Avian Fauna of Ecuador's Andes". Ecuador, the Switzerland of South America, is a small country with big habitat and species diversity.  This program focuses on mid- to high-altitude species of the East-slope Andes including paramo, scrub, grasslands, forest, and cloudforest habitats.

MARCH 10, 2017
Dr. Todd Underwood  "The Entangled Lives of Birds and Alien Plants: A Fatal Attraction to Burdock". Join us for a fascinating look at the unusual phenomenon of birds getting entangled in the burrs of the burdock plant. Todd shares his newer research on the impact of alien, invasive plants on birds and bird populations.

APRIL 14, 2017
"Antarctic Odyssey" - Fulfilling a longtime dream by journeying to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula, Dr. Steve Rannels retraces some of the path of Sir Ernest Shackleton's epic 1915 journey on its centenary year. The natural history is breathtaking — imagine standing within a colony of 250,000 King Penguins. Albatrosses, penguins, seals and sea lions abound in an environment of strikingly beautiful mountains, glaciers, and icebergs.

MAY 5, 2017 - BANQUET
Berkshire Country Club
"Adak, Gambling on Birds"  - Adak Island, Alaska, halfway out the Aleutian Islands chain, attracts Asian strays. Once a military base not open to visitors, the closing of the base in the late 90s enabled birders to gain access. Frank and Barb Haas have been going to Adak in May and September annually since 2005. Join us in hearing about their experiences there.

(cancellation information in case of bad weather)