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BOC Meetings

"Who am I?" - Eastern Bluebird at Union Meadows Rec. Area - photo by Mike Slater

PROGRAMS (the second Friday of the month from September Through April - the Banquet on May 5th No summer meetings)

Dr. Dean Rust, President of the Bluebird Society of Pennsykvania will present "The Ecology and Management of the Eastern Bluebird". In 2016 Dr. Rust authored "The Beloved and Charismatic Bluebird', utilizing insights gained from monitoring 17 bluebird trails in Lancaster, York, Dauphin, and Chester counties - 350 nest boxes fledging 600-700 birds each summer! Learn how to become involved in this longtime citizen science project. Social Hour at 7. Bring refreshments to share.

OCTOBER 13, 2017
"Arctic Raptors: Adaptations to an Extreme Environment" by Hawk Mountain's Jean-Francois Therrien. The presentation will review current research projects ongoing at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, with an emphasis on adaptations of raptors to the hostile and unpredictable Arctic environment. The audience will witness how we manage to monitor those highly mobile birds of prey through consecutive years via a slide show depicting field work situations and recent results.

NOVEMBER 10, 2017
"Hummingbird Banding" - Sandy Lockerman, a licensed bird bander, will discuss the intriguing world of hummingbirds.  She will help you take a look at some of their unique adaptations and dispel some of the myths surrounding them. In addition, she will share with you her ruby-throat migration project and give you an update on the documentation of wintering western hummingbird species in Pennsylvania.

DECEMBER 8, 2017
Join BOC and Mengel members Peter and Jane Wolfe for "Peru--Machu Picchu to the Amazon Headwaters", a fantastic Ceiba Nature journey to Peru focusing on Inca history and culture in the Andes, followed by boating down the Manu River in the rainforest.

JANUARY 12, 2018
Members Night...Our fellow members will present several short programs. Social Hour at 7. Bring refreshments to share. Sarah Hungerford will coordinate the program.
  • Chris and Christel Unger will make a presentation about "Phonescoping". Some amazing photos and information about using a smartphone and a spotting scope to take good bird pictures.
  • Art Zdancewic will show some pictures of Delaware birds.
  •  a program of "a few" Berks County Birds compiled by mike slater will be shown.

FEBRUARY 9, 2018
"BOC Travels to Colombia" by Ken Lebo. Columbia's three mountain ranges and separating river valleys plus isolated Santa Marta provide a wealth of habitats. We explored for two weeks seeing as many birds as possible in addition to other flora and fauna encountered along the way. Lodging in the Pro Aves reserves when possible provided immediate access to outstanding birding habitats. Featured here are antpittas to tanagers, hummingbirds galore and butterflies and the flowers that feed them!

MARCH 9, 2018
Keith L. Bildstein, Sarkis Acopian Director of Conservation Science at Hawk Mountain, will present "Flexible flyers:  The Life and Times of Migratory Turkey Vultures" discussing Hawk Mountain's studies of the movement ecology of Turkey Vultures in the Americas.

APRIL 13, 2018
"Shorebirding Made Easier (kinda!)"
One of the most frustrating family of birds to identify for the East coast birder seems to be the numerous specie group known as shorebirds.  You know - those birds running around in the mud that ALL look the same and are miles away! Well, there really is an easier way to identify shorebirds that will prove to be extremely accurate, fun and satisfying based on four simple key focus areas -  Date, Habitat, Behavior, Shape. Join the American Birding Association's Director of Conservation and Community, Bill Stewart for a program guaranteed to make your shorebirding much more enjoyable and successful!

MAY 4, 2018 - BANQUET
Berkshire Country Club
Dr. Steve Rannels returns for another exciting presentation: "Madagascar:  Birds and Much More". Madagascar, a laboratory of natural selection and speciation, is home for unique birds, lemurs, chameleons and plants, most endemic to the island.  The relationships and distribution of Madagascar's biology will be presented using photographic, video, and audio media. Dr. Rannels will surely entertain as well as educate us on the exotic wildlife of Madagascar!
(cancellation information in case of bad weather)