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Presidents Message for Fall/Winter 2014-15

BOC Presidents Message – Fall, 2014

“If I were to name the three most precious resources of life, I should say books, friends and nature; and the greatest of these, at least the most constant and always at hand, is nature.” John Burroughs

Imagine my surprise and delight when hiking into “Sladsides” a cabin used by John Burroughs, to find this wonderful quote! What a statement! I thought immediately that I would use this for my message to the club. Can you identify with Burroughs quote? I certainly can…and can vouch for the connection of all three of the mentioned items!

 Books:  Do you remember your first field guide to the birds? Was it a Peterson guide, or a Chandler Robbins’ “Golden Guide”? How many field guides do you own now? (Of course this was prior to the digital era.) What about books from the foremost nature writers: Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, John Burroughs, Aldo Leopold, Edwin Way Teale, Hal Borland, Edward Abbey to name a few. Their words and stories are still fresh and chocked full of meaning and adventure to the nature lover.

 Friends:  Friends led me to B.O.C. and Hawk Mountain. Friends helped me learn about birds…and many other facets of nature. Sharing nature with friends of like interest is a truly a gift and creates wonderful experiences, plus memories and friendships that last a lifetime!

 Nature:  Yes, nature is the constant to keep us focused on the beauty and peace it can provide to anyone. Be it watching birds from your window, or traveling the country or the world in search of birds and that natural connection that those of us who appreciate it, revel in…This constant is always at the ready. All you have to do is open your eyes and heart to it.

 Mull over the Burroughs quote and what it means to you.  I am sure you will agree with Burroughs…and me!

The new year of BOC programs and field trips is about to begin!

There are many excellent programs and trips on the agenda.  Join us, please.  One of the club goals is to increase our membership, and get more interested people into our ranks.  Encourage others to attend our meetings and join the club.  The new format for the calendar should be easier to read and provide more information as well.

Also, one of the long term goals of BOC is planning for the club’s 100th Anniversary in 2021.  This planning has begun and if you have an idea for this year of celebration, please share it with the board.  The board will be looking for people to serve on anniversary committees in the future.

Fall is on the horizon.  The migration is already underway.  Point your wings in the direction of Nolde on Friday, September 12th and join the flight as the new season begins!

Joanne Kintner – BOC President