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President Message for Spring-Summer 2015

President's Message
by Joanne Kintner

March winds are on the move, blowing in another spring season. The anticipation of spring runs high after yet another long, cold winter.  Spring is the season of change, and indeed this season will bring change to some of the officers of the BOC. As of our annual banquet on May 8th, I will be stepping down as president, and a new president will continue to lead the club into the future! The past two years the board has worked together to bring the club many outstanding programs and field trips!

There are many new faces present at meetings and growing the BOC membership and involving new people in the club is a goal for the coming years. Along with that goal is the planning and preparation of a 100th Anniversary Year Celebration of the Baird Ornithological Club in 2021, with special events throughout that year. Though it sounds a long way off, it will be here before we know it, and the club is already preparing for this.

I have been truly fortunate to work with a board of wonderful people, full of innovative ideas to make the club viable and active to our 100th year and well beyond that. The success of the club rests with the active board and interested members! 

The past two years has also brought an array of birding excitement to Berks County. Recently the confirmed sighting of a caracara in District township, a state and county record. As well as the news of 6 nesting pairs of Bald Eagles within the county! One doesn’t have to go far from the Berks county borders to experience good birds! Just read the bird sighting reports in the “Distlefink”!

Although there were just a few Snowy Owls sighted in Berks this winter, there will be a flurry of Snowy Owls present at the annual banquet on May 8th. BOC friend Scott Weidensaul presents “Caught in the SNOWstorm”! Scott’s program will present a follow up on last year’s incredible Snowy Owl invasion and the radio tracking of a few of these magnificent birds. (More information inside.) Get your banquet tickets early so you don’t miss this terrific talk!

Again, I offer many thanks to the officers and board of BOC for being the substance behind my past two years as president. I am indebted to each and every one of you.

Please support the in-coming officers and board. Join and continue to support the club, and become involved as well. Birds draw us together, but enduring friendships are also built through our shared passion.