Eastern Bluebird, male - photo Copyright by Mike Slater

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 Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania          
There may be new impromptu bird walks/field trips added see the Flash Bird Walks page for more info.

The Sunday Birdwalk (March 19th) is CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER. The parking lot at Green Hills Preserve is inaccessible. 

PROGRAMS (the second Friday of the month from September Through April - the Banquet on May 5th No summer meetings)
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Next Field trips:

Winter 2017    Barnegat, New Jersey (date to be announced when the weather looks suitable.. It will be announced on the Flash Birdwalks page and by email contact Mike to be put on the notification list.)
   Common Eiders, scoters, Harlequin Ducks, Purple Sandpipers and more.
Coordinator: Mike Slater 610-698-4031  or mslater@voicenet.com

MARCH 5, 2017 (Sunday)
Lake Ontelaunee waterfowl - 8 AM
Meet at the dam breast (along Rte 73.)
Coordinator: Rudy Keller 610-845-7310

(cancellation information in case of bad weather)

President's message September 2015 by Mike Slater
President's Message for Spring-Summer 2015 by Joanne Kintner
President's Message for Fall-Winter 2014-15
by Joanne Kintner

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