Eastern Bluebird, male - photo Copyright by Mike Slater

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PROGRAMS (the second Friday of the month from September Through April - the Banquet on May 5th No summer meetings)
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JANUARY 12, 2018
Members Night...Our fellow members will present several short programs. Social Hour at 7:00 pm. Bring refreshments to share. The Members night meeting coordinated by Sarah Hungerford will begin at 7:30 pm.
  • Chris and Christel Unger will make a presentation about "Phonescoping". Some amazing photos and information about using a smartphone and a spotting scope to take good bird pictures.
  • Art Zdancewic will show some pictures from a "Non-birding trip to England and Scotland" with bird photos.
  •  a program of "a few" Berks County Birds taken by BOC members (compiled by mike Slater) will be shown.
  • Bring refreshments to share. Hopefully, we can celibate a much needed January thaw.

FEBRUARY 9, 2018
"BOC Travels to Colombia" by Ken Lebo. Columbia's three mountain ranges and separating river valleys plus isolated Santa Marta provide a wealth of habitats. We explored for two weeks seeing as many birds as possible in addition to other flora and fauna encountered along the way. Lodging in the Pro Aves reserves when possible provided immediate access to outstanding birding habitats. Featured here are antpittas to tanagers, hummingbirds galore and butterflies and the flowers that feed them!

Next Field trips:
JANUARY 1, 2018 (Monday)
New Year's Day Walk -8 AM
Start your year off with a visit to various Berks County birding locations, beginning at Brenneman's Quarry.
Meet at the Cacoosing Meadows Park parking lot on Reedy Rd. Coordinator: Ken Lebo, 610-856-1413

JANUARY 21, 2018 (Sunday)
Lake Ontelaunee, 8 AM
Shake off the winter blues and cabin fever with some winter birding.  Meet at the dam breast (along Rte 73.) Coordinator: Katrina Knight, 610-372-3671

Tuesday Morning Bird Walks 
on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 
are happening again for the Spring begining in March.  
Info will be on the Flash Birdwalks page.

There may be new impromptu bird walks/field trips added see the Flash Bird Walks page for more info.

(cancellation information in case of bad weather)

President's message September 2015 by Mike Slater
President's Message for Spring-Summer 2015 by Joanne Kintner
President's Message for Fall-Winter 2014-15
by Joanne Kintner

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The Baird Ornithological Club (a.k.a. the BOC)

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