Eastern Bluebird, male - photo Copyright by Mike Slater

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PROGRAMS (the second Friday of the month from September Through April - the Banquet on May 5th No summer meetings)
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APRIL 13, 2018           "Shorebirding Made Easier (kinda!)"
One of the most frustrating family of birds to identify for the East coast birder seems to be the numerous specie group known as shorebirds.  You know - those birds running around in the mud that ALL look the same and are miles away! Well, there really is an easier way to identify shorebirds that will prove to be extremely accurate, fun and satisfying based on four simple key focus areas -  Date, Habitat, Behavior, Shape. Join the American Birding Association's Director of Conservation and Community, Bill Stewart for a program guaranteed to make your shorebirding much more enjoyable and successful!

Tuesday Morning Bird Walks 
on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 
are happening again for the Spring beginning in March.   

There may be new impromptu bird walks/field trips added see the Flash Bird Walks page for more info.

(cancellation information in case of bad weather)

President's message September 2015 by Mike Slater
President's Message for Spring-Summer 2015 by Joanne Kintner
President's Message for Fall-Winter 2014-15
by Joanne Kintner

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