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The Science of Healing

posted May 22, 2017, 7:51 AM by Bain Clan

is what we immersed ourselves in at our last Crystal Circle meeting. The beautiful Paula Adams was our guest speaker who gave us a very informative talk about the Barbara Ann Brennan method of scientific healing. Paula then proceeded to perform a group healing for us. This was a deep and profound experience, which allowed us to release old patterns of being in order to experience our soul purpose more fully.

Paula is very aware of people's healing needs and had no trouble using her amazing skills on a group scale.

She is a fully trained Barbara Ann Brennan healer and runs Hands of Life workshops (next one October 2017), meditation groups and happy menopausal women workshops.

Please connect with her if you feel drawn. Her website is:, Facebook: Paula Adams - Energy Healer

As always we used Crystals to deepen our experience of healing and ascension. We used a combination of Moonstone and Aquamarine to express our divine soul purpose more fully.

Working with Crystals is creative and fun - have a go!