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Kundalini Quartz - What's the Big Deal or No Deal?

posted Sep 13, 2016, 5:10 AM by Bain Clan

The other day when we went to the wholesaler we were attracted to a shelf full of Crystals we had not noticed before. When questioned, the helpful lady working there informed us that the Crystals on display are Kundalini Quartz.

Effectively Kundalini Quartz is a natural, very clear form of Citrine originating from the Congo.

Most of the Citrine we come across is not naturally formed, but is in fact heat treated Amethyst.

So, is Kundalini Quartz just another fancy name for something we already know to be natural Citrine?

When I sit down and tune into my cluster of Kundalini Quartz I must admit that it takes me straight into the centre of my being. It brings me the peace and tranquillity I seek at the end of a busy day and connects me to my joyful soul existence.

When I touch it my hands buzz and I know to the core of my being that everything is okay the way it is. Beautiful!

So as far as I am concerned Kundalini Quartz is a BIG Deal.

Do you have any experience working with this amazing Crystal? If so, I would love to hear from you and get your opinion.

Much Love & Blessings xxxx