Contact: Third Vice President of Fundraising

Bailey's Elementary Schools PTA holds several different fundraisers throughout the year. These fundraisers support school and PTA sponsored activities and programs. Please see the fundraising program descriptions to find the best opportunity for your family to be a part of the fundraising efforts.

Active fundraisers, such as the Read-a-Thon, allow you and your children to participate while raising money.

Passive fundraisers, such as the grocery store programs at Harris Teeter and and Giant, send a donation to our school once you join the program, designate Bailey's, and shop at their store.

Contribution fundraisers, or direct donations, allow you to send money directly, eliminating extra expenses, and ensuring 100% of the donation goes to support the programs. Everyone can get involved in raising funds to support Bailey's. 

You can also help support Bailey's through various collections programs, such as Box Tops 4 Education and Coke Rewards, and through product sales.