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Vacancies on EL Planning Commission -- Bailey residents needed

posted Jan 31, 2012, 9:36 AM by grever0000
Please note that there are two open vacancies on the East Lansing Planning Commission and this committee is soliciting residents to apply.

Bailey residents should consider joining this board.
  Because the Bailey neighborhood borders the downtown and Saginaw, we are adjacent to many areas that might be developed or redeveloped, and are often in the thick of such decisions.

Recently those have included development of the Spine Center on Saginaw (and attempt to put in neighboring parking lot), the City Center II development downtown, the DTN Management development on Burcham across from Butterfield, and the recent proposal to redevelop and upzone the cottages on Beech and Gunson.

The Commission deals primarly with zoning issues and development issues, and creates the city's Comprehensive Plan, which it updates every 5 years or so. 

Please consider submitting your application for one of the vacancies. Visit and click on "Home." Then click on "Boards and Commissions," then "Planning Commission." Where it lists the Planning Commission members it includes a note at the bottom where you can click to find an application form.