vandalism is the terminolgy which  the encartaoftenly used for  the wikipedia as ancyclopedia.

vandalism is defined as the different people have the acces andwithout an authentication they changes the basic news or its the type of spreading of the rumour, whether it  will be a truth or a lie

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Optical Properties of Snowtells in detail the optical properties of ice.

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theory of potentiometry


foreign affair article in 1993


indicator electrode

theory of electropherosis(theory of electropherosis is password prtected)  Soon it will be provide without a password protection

intorduction to marketing  A brief intro about the a marketing and its links to those people who have no idea about marketing

nutrient media for plant tissue culture  A brief notice with some research files specification about the field of botany

 Emission control technology Different waya nd techniques depicting that how to control the industrial pollution and excretes(waste products)

Financial statements taxes & cash flows  the assignment of the business and economics

Typesofvirus.docexplain different types of computer viruses

Chapters on business research[i], (ii), (iii), (iv)

women's role in pakistan movement 

goal setting in your life tells you the bais c importance of setting the goal in your life.

dendritic cells  

Instrumentation of ESR 

 Samples of Arabic Calligraphy in power point format

Mannose Receptor expression and function define a new population of murine dendritic cells.


rural types in doc format

 laser application in wikipedia in doc format 



 Otto cycle the otto cycle is a free air-sender cycle

Froth flotation  Theory about the froth flotation in terms of physics

labour information aspects in terms of economics and economical developments.

Climate Change and the Mediterranean Regionan article about the cliamate change and the Mediterranean Region 

Mineral fertilizer production processes

metals Determination of the different metals in our daily life by the usage of diferent techniques.

IndustrialEffluents.ppt a short assignment of industrial effluents in powerpoint presentation

Prime Ministers  of pakistan starting from Liaqat Ali khan till 2007 Shaukat Aziz

 ozone, its introduction and its detail on various areas of the world.

world bank analysis  a case study for paksitan

Environmental Impact Assessment Course  and its detail

violence.doc about the violence its intro, types and little detail with examples

metabolism in the human body and its moleculer relation and mechanism


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