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If you want to get the information on the net then check ou the following links:

  • webware 
  •     It prvides you the information and latest articles on the net, e.g, it tells you the latest updates and techniques using on the web and also tells the articles of the net
  • What is a Memory
  • what is tort reform? According to the point of view of the lawyers and  reformers of the law.
  • What is it is a site that has been used to compare and check the statistical usage of the any particular site
  • Google analytics for checking the usage and no of users and their type on yours site ina statistical report

Communication is the process of sharing information in mass communication, culture, intimate physical contact and among layers of silicon in the latest integrated circuit.A language is a system of signals, such as voice sounds, intonations or pitch, gestures or written symbols which communicate thoughts or feelings. Language is basically speech or oratory. It's used for persuasion, dialogue and debate