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This website has been solely made as such for the purpose of the chemistry and for the info about the softwares. Soon ther will be enough data on this website for providing the assignments on different topics(espacially on the chemistry).

note: All files provide ther will be in MS "doc" format or the ADOBE "pdf " format.

The files on differnet formats likefor powerpoint ('ppt') and in mindmange format will be added soon.

The preferable link for the learning of blogs and info ralated to computer visit to the MAN! - - - Power Of THINKING

Lectures of Dr. Hamid  

chinese site for downloading the softwares

The remaining links are:

links for other sites

collection of notes

windows tricks and tipsgive you the dtail about the different MS windows programs and tricks and tips and how to utilize them

world bees in LAHOREjourney of the world bees

learn about the google analytics and to manipulate and check the users using yours site by using the

mobiles links and things in front of me

Go for the media and also for the view few videos of collection. 


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